Worlds Fantasy Format + New Features!

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Welcome to the most hype competition that E1 Fantasy has hosted, Fantasy Worlds!

In this article we will take you through how Fantasy for Worlds will work, and show you some of the new features we added in the break!

Fantasy Format

Lineup Schedule

Worlds 2020 is broken down into 6 main phases, each of which will count towards a unique E1 Fantasy contest. That means every game of the tournament counts for Fantasy Scoring! Hooray! The 6 main phases are:

  • Play-Ins (Sept 25-30)
    • Opens: 8am PT 9/21
    • Closes: 1am PT 9/25
  • Group Stage #1 (Oct 3-6)
    • Opens: 2hrs after Play-Ins finishes
    • Closes: 1am PT 10/3
  • Group Stage #2 (Oct 8-11)
    • Opens: 2hrs after GS1 finishes
    • Closes: 1am PT 10/8
  • Quarterfinals (Oct 15-18)
    • Opens: 2hrs after GS2 finishes
    • Closes: 3am PT 10/15
  • Semifinals (Oct 24-25)
    • Opens: 2hrs after QF finishes
    • Closes: 3am PT 10/24
  • Final (Oct 31)
    • Opens: 2hrs after SF finishes
    • Closes: 3am PT 10/31


The way fantasy players and teams score individually hasn’t changed for Worlds ’20 (Scoring Explained). Teams do however play multiple games, so we take a players highest three fantasy scores from each round. For example if Doublelift (TSM) plays five games resulting in the following fantasy scores; 2521,16,19, 30, we will only count the three bolded scores for this fantasy total that round as they are the highest.

New Features


We have introduced our new virtual currency called ‘Bytes‘, you will be able to spend them in the Prize Store which opens during Group Stages.

You can earn Bytes from:

  • Missions
  • Letter grade performance
  • OneBot predictions


Each week you will have a certain amount of Missions you can complete to earn Bytes. The amount of Bytes you earn will differ based on the difficulty of the Mission.

Missions Examples:

  • Choose a champion that your captain will play
  • Build a lineup with players from X different regions

LoL Worlds Missions

Prize Store

You will be able to spend your Bytes at the Prize Store which opens during the Worlds Group Stage. There will be a ton of exciting things to purchase including site Customizations, Experiences and Cash Contests.


  • Avatar Frames
  • Badges
  • Discord Command Backgrounds


  • Exclusive Lineup Advice
  • 1 on 1’s with our Analysts
  • Feature in our Articles or Podcast

Cash Contests:

  • Cash Contests with set prizes for 1st – 3rd
  • Cash Contests with prize amounts that grow based on entries

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