Vulcan in Easy Mode

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Before Vulcan in easy mode, he played for Clutch Gaming (now Dignitas) in 2019! Vulcan proved throughout the Summer split and the historic Gauntlet Run that he is the real deal. As a result of the success, it came as no surprise when LCS powerhouse org Cloud9 paid up for him to fill the spot previously filled by Zeyzal (now Evil Geniuses) for their 2020 run.  JonnytheAussie got to chat with Vulcan about his C9 experience, favorite Champions and toughest laning matchups.

📊 Following the Interview we will provide our E1 Fantasy LCS analysis on Vulcan by our fantasy data expert, Lewis Smith

Interview with Vulcan

Question: How do you feel playing for your new team Cloud9?

I feel pretty good, I mean our level is really high right now and the team atmosphere is really good. I think we are still improving, like, we’re not satisfied with how we are doing. We are still making mistakes so we know that we still need to improve if we want to be where we want to be.

Question: How have you found laning with Zven? Being newer to the LCS, is your dynamic more of an equal partnership or does he act as a mentor?

Zven is really good individually and he is pretty smart about the game too, he isn’t afraid to make calls during the game so it’s really good laning with him.

When referring to dynamics: I think we are equal, I got a lot of experience from last year, learned a lot from Huni and Lira going through the Gauntlet and at Worlds. I don’t feel like I’m a younger player, I’m not a veteran either, but I am pretty experienced now. He (Zven) will bring some of his ideas and I’ll bring mine, as we have found a good middle ground.

Question: How do you find playing in the LCS after competing on the World Stage?

I kind of feel like it’s easy mode right now, I think the LCS overall was weaker than it was last year. A lot of teams that were strong last year aren’t strong anymore, but the pressure is higher since I’m expected to win (with Cloud9). At the level I am now, and with Cloud9 we can’t be losing to bottom tier teams.

Question: Where would you rank yourself among LCS Supports? (Needed to see if he really thought he was Vulcan in easy mode)

Second, CoreJJ is first and Biofrost is third. Actually, maybe IgNar third as he has a different style then most but I would need to see more of him.

Question: If you could only ever play three Supports, which would they be? 

Leona, Thresh and Tahm who is very fun to play competitively.

Question: What do you think of Senna as an ADC? 

She’s pretty obnoxious, Zven did really well on her this weekend. She’s so hard to punish in lane with her long range, sustain and she can sit back, chill and slowly grind the lane out. In the mid game, her ‘E’ is so obnoxious because you can’t see her team mates and she can auto between the stealth so you can’t hit her back. She’s very annoying to play against and I hope they nerf her because it makes the bottom lane boring.

Final Question: Who do you feel is your hardest laning matchup?

Vulcan: I think it has to be Doublelift and CoreJJ, but I think they are weaker on the meta Champions right now (Senna and Aphelios).

Fantasy LCS Analysis

Although 2020 has started as an amazing year for Cloud9, Vulcan’s fantasy production hadn’t felt as strong. Vulcan is putting up a respectable 13.78 fantasy points/game, but all the underlying metrics show that his average is about to take a big jump up. He is the Support of the current best team in the LCS and has a ridiculous 33:3 Assist to Death ratio. The biggest indicator of his production about to jump up? His current 56.5% Kill Participation puts him at the bottom 3 at the position, but don’t fear. Last season for a Clutch Gaming team that lost as much as they won, Vulcan finished over 70% KP. You should fully expect Vulcan’s KP at the end of the year to be around 70% again, and enjoy all the Assists he will rack up on the ascend there. He is definitely a player to keep on your watch list especially if he maintains ‘Vulcan in easy mode’!

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