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Never a dull moment in the LEC or LCS, and we let you know in the LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 1 Spring 2020. Shocking upsets, marathon games, we had it all. But let’s focus on what matters most… Who racked up the fantasy points?? Here are the Top 5 Scorers at each position from the weekend’s games.

Games still left to be played: EG vs 100T, TL vs TSM

Top Laners

  • Get used to seeing Wunder atop this list, but should you get used to seeing V1per up here? All members of FlyQuest had an amazing week and outperformed expectations in MASSIVE fashion, but V1per is the person with the playstyle that is most sustainable for racking up points on a consistent basis, especially in weeks where they go 2-0.
  • Alphari and Finn both benefited from 2-0 weeks, but in very different fashion. Origen went head to head with Fnatic and FC Schalke over the weekend, two teams that are expected to be Top 4 in LEC. Alphari played up to the occasion and earned points in the process. Meanwhile, Finn had a much easier schedule as Rogue played Misfits and Excel.


  • Santorin!! (surprised he made the top scorers list?) What a weekend. He outperformed the top priced player of the entire slate, Jankos, in a major weekend for FlyQuest. This is incredibly encouraging for Santorin, and we can expect his price to rise after this, but he will most likely not overtake people like Jankos and Blaber just yet. Jankos and Blaber both proved why they were expensive and returned full value in the process.
  • Caedrel and Shadow both ended up as a couple of the best bargains at the position. The most encouraging part, neither player’s team went 2-0. We expect points to come easier as a team wins, so it bodes well for a player’s fantasy outlook when they can produce even in losing efforts.

Mid Laners

  • In a weekend of shocking performances, nothing shocked me more than PowerOfEvil going OFF and leading all Mid laners. This was a player that finished outside the Top 10 at the position in ‘19 Summer even though his team went 12-6. Now he has Perkz looking up at him? Don’t expect this to last, but what a start to the season as he makes the top scorers list.
  • All 5 of these players helped their team go 2-0 in Week 1, pushing them in their teammates into the Top 5 at each position. Larssen’s Rogue had every single one of their members and team totals in the Top 5, showing that everybody was able to benefit from the shared success. Nukeduck’s Origen had 3 Top 3 finishers, and then there is Froggen. He is the only member of the 2-0 Dignitas team that is Top 5 at their position. This is an amazing sign for Froggen’s outlook as it shows that Dignitas can compete and is going to lean heavily on Froggen to do so. He embarrassed CLG and EG, proving that he should still be respected as a Top Mid.

Bot Laners

  • Caps did Caps things. He started the Fantasy season off with a BANG, racking up 50+ points in his first game. I’ll just go ahead and write his name in this article again for next week. And there is a good chance I can put Upset up here too. The ‘19 Top Overall Scorer is back at it in his new uniform, dominating Fnatic’s Rekkles along the way.
  • Hans Sama and WildTurtle both had amazing weeks, and are massive reasons why their teams are 2-0. However, Patrik might just be my biggest winner from Week 1. He was able to finish 3rd at the highest scoring position during a week where he went against Forg1ven and then lost his second game. His matchups should only get better, so he is primed for a big year.


  • The Top 2 players in the LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 1 Spring 2020 are the same Top 2 Supports from ‘19 Summer. We expected this from Mikyx, but there was a lot more doubt around whether or not Ignar could repeat his success. Him and lane buddy WildTurtle showed great chemistry right out of the gates and gave plenty of reason for optimism. Along with being the #2 Support in ‘19 Summer, Ignar produced the #1 overall player in Upset, which is a trend that would be great for Ignar and WildTurtle.

  • Another Rogue player made it on here in Vander, but the other two players, Tore and Kaiser, both make the Top 5 in a week where they go 1-1. Ironically enough, these are both of the players that changed their names before the season….. (previously Norskeren and Gistick). Something especially impressive, Kaiser was able to finish this high even with losing to G2. MAD Lions had a strong debut and you can expect their prices to rise.


  • More telling than anything, this is the only role in which the LCS had more Top 5 scorers than LEC. Compared with LEC players topping the charts, this sums up the difference in playstyles extremely well, showing that LEC is a much more fast-paced teamfight based league while LCS players are happy taking it slower and focusing on objective based game plans.
  • For the highest scoring teams each week, it will primarily be made up of teams who win both their games, which makes a lot of sense. It isn’t news that you want your team being one that wins. However, teams that can excel even in losses are where you are really able to find value. Immortals had an amazing fantasy performance in their 1-1 week. You know what helps that? Having a match last OVER AN HOUR where your team can kill 6 Dragons and 3 Barons… Let’s hope for all viewers that they don’t keep dragging games out to an hour long, but after defeating TSM like that, it just might be IMT’s best strategy to win.
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