Top 5 Players Worlds '20 Semifinals

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And then there were 4… With only 4 teams left to choose from, our options are limited. This means that we have to make sure that every single pick in our lineup is perfect! Just like the players competing this weekend, there is no room for error. We are all looking to make history and achieve global glory, even if the players are going about it in a slightly different fashion.

1. Canyon – DAMWON Gaming $290,000 (vs G2 Esports)

Canyon Damwon Gaming

Not even trolling, DRX was just too easy for DAMWON… Compared to his fantasy stats in the Group Stage, this series was a big disappointment. However, it truly was a product of DWG being too good and not needing many Kills to close their victory. If there is a team you know will manufacture lots of Kills though, it is G2, the highest CKPM team at Worlds. So not only does Canyon allow you to get the best player on the strongest team in the bloodiest game, he also has the biggest positional advantage between either team, as Jankos is still the weak link on G2.

2. Mikyx – G2 Esports $110,000 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

mikyx g2 esports

Mikyx played 3 games in the Quarterfinals, all of which he scored of 20+ points in. All other remaining Supports combined for 0 games of 20+ points… He is the only Support on the slate with any sort of upside at all, allowing him to provide you with a massive lead over the lineups without him at Support. With so few options, you want to target the players that can drastically outscore their position, and Mikyx does that.

3. Caps – G2 Esports $280,000 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

caps g2 esports

No matter the opponent, there is no player with a higher upside than Caps. After an incredible performance in the decisive sweep of Gen.G, Caps is now up to averaged 39.0 Fantasy Points in Wins. The only other player even within 8 points of that is his teammates Perkz (35.8). Meanwhile, his in-lane opponent, ShowMaker is down at 24.4. DWG should be favored, but Caps may even outscore everybody on DWG (not named Canyon) even in a losing effort.

4. Huanfeng – Suning $290,000 (vs Top Esports)

huanfeng Suning Worlds

Everybody will flock to G2 Perkz for their Bot Lane after seeing him put up 22 Kills in a 3 game span. However, none of those people realize that Huanfeng outdid that with 23 Kills in his 3 best QF games. Even sweeter, he found all those Kills while only dying 3 times compared to Perkz’s 6. AND Huanfeng has a KP over 80% in all those 3 games! Huanfeng is the hottest player at Worlds and the people who say “Top Esports will slow him down” are the same people who said that about JD Gaming last week…

5. Karsa – Top Esports $270,000 (vs Suning)

Karsa TES Worlds

When the tourney favorites were a single loss away from getting eliminated at Worlds, who was it that they leaned on to save them? That’s right; Karsa. He flipped a switch in Game 3 and ended up leading TES in Kills across the final 3 games (yes, more than Knight or JackeyLove). His 10 Kills in Game 4 tied 369 for the most Kills a TES player has gotten in a game at Worlds. Karsa stepped up in a major way when they needed him most, and boy do they need him now.

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