Top 5 Players Worlds '20 Finals

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And now we are down to 2… With just 2 teams left to choose from, our options are limited. This means that we have to make sure that every single pick in our lineup is perfect! Just like the players competing this weekend, there is no room for error. We are all looking to make history and achieve global glory, even if the players are going about it in a slightly different fashion.

1.DAMWON Gaming $260,000 (vs Suning)

Damwon Gaming Logo

There is no position that winning affects more than the Team spot of your lineup. DAMWON should be seen as the favorite to win this matchup, and if/when they do, there will be no bigger discrepancy at any position than there will be between the two Teams, especially if it is a 3-0 or 3-1. As long as games are bloody, there will be enough opportunities for players to score; however, objectives are much more limited.

2. Canyon – DAMWON Gaming $280,000 (vs Suning)

Canyon Damwon Gaming

Canyon is so hot right now. Not every day do you see the Jungler as the true carry of a team. Even more rare do you see that strategy work to a World Championship berth. Canyon can and should be expected to lead his team in Kills, which means he will lead the entire game in DWG wins. He also makes for an amazing Captain since he spams Graves. He is the best player on the best team in the World.

3. Bin – Suning $250,000 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

Bin Suning

Half of the battle of getting points from your Top Laner is having a Top Laner with the INTENT of scoring points. What I mean by this is that having a Top Laner that plays a style (including Champion) that doesn’t relegate himself to being a non-Kill threat tank player is a massive boost to value. Every single game, Suning puts Bin in a position to have a higher KP and Kills/g average than any other Top, automatically raising his scoring floor in drastic fashion.

4. huanfeng – Suning $310,000 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

huanfeng Suning Worlds

The key to this week will be to find players that can score well in a losing script. I don’t want to discount Suning’s potential of winning Worlds, but I just want to bring some attention to how well huanfeng has performed, regardless of script. For one of the more shocking stats I have seen yet, 2 of huanfeng’s best 4 scores at Worlds have actually come in losses. He is the leader of Suning, both in spirit and in Fantasy Points.

5. SwordArt – Suning $100,000 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

Swordart Suning

Similar to the Team, the fantasy production of Supports are very much tied to game outcome. However, SwordArt has been such an integral part of Suning’s success that he has a surprisingly high scoring floor. Of the 15 games he has played at Worlds, he has only failed to reach 5 Assists in 2 games. This includes hitting that mark in 3 of his 4 losses.

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