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Since 2014 League of Legends Worlds Championships, a “Worlds song” has been produced annually to hype the much anticipated global tournament. With the release of the 2021 LoL Worlds song, there are now eight different League of Legends World Championships songs. Between these eight, we have had the experience of listening to several different styles, genres, music videos, and animation. After the release of “Burn It All Down”, it is yet again time to share our top 5 LoL Worlds songs of all time. The rubric of this list is loosely based on quality of the song, emotions it provokes, animation, and of course my own personal enjoyment.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 League of Legends World Championship songs. 

1. Rise

Ok. I lied. I lied just this one time about this not being in any particular order. But can you blame me? In my heart, “Rise” has been and still is the best Worlds song released by Riot so far. It has both incredible music and an incredible story told by the video. The music for “Rise” never fails to pump up the listener, hyping them up to queue up for another game. The video illustrates the journey of Ambition at the 2017 World Championships. It is an inspiring story that achieves a similar effect as the music, pushing us to keep trying no matter what. With the combination of phenomenal music and captivating player narrative, “Rise” is the best LoL Worlds song produced yet.

2. Warriors

Ok, getting back on track. The 2014 LoL Worlds song is the first official Worlds song, so “Warriors” will always hold a particular spot in the heart of many fans. However, this does not mean the song is only popular because it is the first one. Featuring Imagine Dragons, “Warriors” has the same intensity as any other Imagine Dragon song. It sounds powerful and impactful. In addition to this, animations are simple, yet beautiful as we get to see the story of a player and his team knocked down, face trial and tribulation, and finally reaching the grand stage to face off against the very team that knocked them down in the first place. So while sentimentality may exist, “Warriors” still belongs in the top 5 without it.

3. Burn It All Down

The newest Worlds song, “Burn It All Down,” has the best animations out of all the songs. Not only do we see sick fighting sequences between players and their avatar-esque champions, but we also get to see it in both a more anime-esque 2D style and a well-executed CG. In addition to this, the song itself is pretty good, given the standards imposed by “Rise” back in 2018. In tandem with the best animations and good music, the story told by the song only makes it better. Featuring many pros training and fighting among their regional peers, the video closes with the CG section where everyone is now on one stage, ready to duke it out for the Summoner’s Cup. The final scene depicts everyone looking up to a mid-combat Showmaker, illustrating how they are coming for the reigning world champions. This song easily earns its spot in the top 5. 

4. Legends Never Die

“Legends Never Die” is only worlds song so far that does not focus on League of Legends esports at all. Instead, we get to see the struggle and success of Ashe, Lee Sin, and Garen.  Although the tone and atmosphere of the song is different from either “Rise” or “Warriors,” it still delivers a similar message of determination and motivation. It tells us to that once we achieve greatness, we will not just simply be forgotten when our time passes. While “Legends Never Die” may not have the same blood-pumping effect as other worlds songs, the effect of inspiring people to keep trying, to never give up is achieved nonetheless.

5. Phoenix

Contrasting with “Legends Never Die,” “Phoenix” features three professional players, Lee “Faker Sang-hyeok, Rasmus “Caps” Winther, and Song “Rookie” Eui-jin. Like “Legends Never Die,” the 2019 Worlds song narratives the trials and tribulations of these three players before they finally succeed in conquering their inner demons. Just like the namesake phoenix, the song sends a message of confronting one’s flaws and being reborn better from that experience. Along with the narrative of the song, the music itself is perfect for lifting a person’s mood back up when they are down, and music video itself was also top-tier, which earns “Phoenix” its spot on the top 5 LoL worlds songs. 

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