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Stats are such a massive part of the professional LoL industry, even larger than you know, as they are utilized by a variety of people for a variety of ways. Teams analyze LoL esports stats of their own team to build rosters and track progress. We know for a fact that these resources listed in our ‘Top 5 League of Legends Esports Stat Sites’ are used by multiple pro analysts and coaches. This is because stats are also the most valuable tool for preparing against opponents, gaining to ability to predict your opponents entire draft and game plan if done correctly.

However, the value these Top 5 LoL Esports Stats Sites bring the most is to us, the fans. It allows us to put context to just how incredibly skilled these players are. It allows us to feel like a larger part of the competitions and events that occur in game. I mean, who doesn’t love coaching from their desktop at home? It enhances our ability to understand the game, respect the game and most importantly, enjoy the game.

E1 Fantasy Logo Top 5 lol esports stat sites


The E1 Fantasy site has a stats drawer that shows a range of analytics and stats that are build into a fantasy product. This is great for esports lovers that want to not only dive into stats, but to compare their knowledge against others in a fun competitive environment.

Even though the site is known for playing Fantasy Sports, Esports One’s roots revolve around cold hard data. There is no site that displays LCS/LEC Players statistics in a more clean and organized fashion than When you log in, just click the ‘Stats’ icon on the right side and prepare your jaw to drop. The stat tables cover every desired stat for players (even some that are new for fans) and you have the ability to sort them by year, event, role, region, really everything you can think of, just with a single click. Pin players to your table to compare them directly or even pin results of a single player in different events to see how they perform domestically vs internationally, all without leaving the page. You can even read content about taking a deeper dive into those statistics. It has something for all levels of fans, and presents it in a very clear, organized and intuitive fashion.

You can also read all the latest analytical content on Esports One’s Blog.

E1 Fantasy Screen Shot Top 5 lol stat sitesScreenshot of E1 Fantasy Stats Table and Lineup

oracle's elixir Top 5 lol esports stat sites


Comprehensive LoL Esports professional game-play stats sorted by region, teams and players. This is owned by well respected LoL esports statistician, Tim Sevenhuysen.

OE is the OG of pro LoL statistics, and for a couple reasons. Out of all sites on here, Oracle’s Elixir is the most comprehensive site statistically that you will find. It features all professional LoL stats going back to 2015 and covers a wide variety of regions, everything from LCS to LCK to CBLoL.Additionally, OE takes the advanced analytics a step further as the founder, E1’s own Tim Sevenhuysen, has used his data science background to create brand new statistics to appeal to the most die hard of LoL fans. Sevenhuysen backs up the new metrics and even builds more context around their application in his series of posts. Next level stuff right here, hence making it high on the top 5 League of Legends esports stat sites list. 

screenshot of oracles elixir from the best lol esports stat sitesScreenshot of LCS Spring Split Stat Table

Esportspedia logo Top 5 lol esports stat sites


Check out a range of historical statistics for players and teams. Check out upcoming tournaments and past results.

Visit Esportspedia

Usually when you think of ‘Pro LoL Player Stats’ you think of all the stats you would see in a Match History page: KDA, CSPM and many more. However, for some fans, the player stats you want to see don’t just revolve around how they performed in the most recent season. A lot of people want to be able to track the career achievements and statistics of pro players. ESPD lets you see what teams a player was a part of throughout their whole career, achievements/tournament finishes along the way and ultimately where they have earned their way today. These stats go beyond just pro player gameplay, they go deep into the pro player as a person. Like did you know Zven is only 22 and his favorite dish is Kebab? Those are the next level stats you need. This is one of the best LoL esports stats sites for digging into a player’s professional career as a whole.

Screenshot of Esportspedia LEC Spring Split Stats

Game of legends logo Top 5 lol esports stat sites


Statistical database for esports team and player stats with colorful visuals and graphs.


Reminiscent of Oracle’s Elixir, GOL is another just elaborate database of every pro stat you can think of. You can’t think of a region or tournament that GOL does not cover. And to set themselves apart even further, do have the best Pro Champion meta-analysis in the biz. Any region, any tournament, you can see exactly what Champions were picked, banned, how often and what kind of success the Champion brought to each position. All you draft analysis addicts can rejoice.

Screenshot of GOL LEC Stats Table

Top 5 lol stat sites solo q


These sites are worth a mention in our Top 5 League of legends Esports Stat Sites because of their insight into the LoL scene as a whole. Their primary focus is to look at Champion meta and builds for public games.



Easily two of the most well known LoL Stats sites, OP.GG/U.GG have made their names by setting the gold standard for Solo Queue stats. Obviously they do not help in coverage of the pro scene, but both sites can provide a unique insight into pros outside of the matches. If you have the right info, you can see what Pro Players or even just big streamers play outside of serious competitions. OP.GG/U.GG can shed insight on what is ‘meta’ on Solo Queue and also give hints of trends that can be hitting the pro scene next.


Another site that provides a statistical snapshot of Solo Queue, but in more a visually pleasing fashion. League of Graphs doesn’t quite go as deep as other site in terms advanced analytics, but does an amazing job of turning basic stats into incredibly digestible graphs/imagery (hinted at by the name). And they have Dark Mode!

Screenshot of League of Graphs Champion Averages in Solo Queue

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