Top 5 LEC Teams of All-Time

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The Beatles. The Clash. The G2 Esports. Some of the most talented groups of all time have come from Europe. Although all well known, only some groups can go down as the greatest of all time. Yeah, you can get played on the radio. Yeah, you get your name on the list of LEC Split Champions list, but being one of the Top 5 LEC teams of all-time is how you get etched into the history books. 

League of Legends specifically (because who cares about The Beatles), the battle for best LEC team ever goes way back. Way back to the EU LCS matches on Tuesday afternoons. To find the most dominant LEC splits ever, we paged through LEC archives and found the 5 most dominant LEC Split seasons of all time.

1. Fnatic: Summer ‘15

fnatic 2015 LoL roster best lec team

Members: Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles, YellOwStaR
Regular Season: 18-0, 1st
Playoffs: 6-2, 1st
Analysis: You can make a very easy case for this as the most dominant domestic split of any region ever in the history of ever, but we will settle for best LEC team ever. This Fnatic team was able to put together the only undefeated season of all time. If you look at the roster, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Just like how it wasn’t a surprise when the entire roster of 5 was named as the All-pro team. All of these players had great incredible careers up to this point, and some are even still continuing that success. Kind of makes you look back and feel like other teams never even stood a chance that year…

2. G2 Esports: Spring ‘17

g2 esports old black logo 2019

G2 Esports 2017 LoL roster best lec team

Members: Expect, Trick, Perkz, Sven & Mithy
Regular Season: 12-1, 1st
Playoffs: 6-2, 1st
Analysis: Tic-tac-toe, 3 LEC titles in a row. Well, it was EU LCS back then, but you know what I mean. Of the entire dynasty that G2 has been able to build, no seasons were quite as dominant as this one. Their lone loss came in the final week of the season, which would be fitting of the trolling G2 squad. Led by 1st-team All-Pro players Trick, Perkz and Zven, this is the split in which G2 cemented themselves over Fnatic as the new kings of Europe.

3.G2 Esports: Summer ‘19

Old G2 Esports grey logo
top 5 lec team G2 esports 2019

Members: Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz & Mikyx
Regular Season: 15-3, 1st
Playoffs: 6-4, 1st
Analysis: Although it may not be the most dominant in G2’s illustrious history, it is probably the sexiest year they have ever had. The entire squad was named as the 1st-team All LEC team, as the playstyle known as ‘Uma Jan’ took over the world. Perkz, Caps, and Jankos all ranked Top 6 in total kills, wild considering that no other team had multiple members in the Top 8. More importantly than anything else, this is the team that brought respect from the entire world to Europe, finally recognizing them as a Western threat for the World Championship.

4. G2 Esports: Spring ‘16

Old G2 Esports grey logo
G2 Esports 2016 Roster

Members: Kikis, Trick, Perkz, Emporer & Hybrid
Regular Season: 15-3, 1st
Playoffs: 6-2, 1st
Analysis: Did you know who G2 was before this split? Didn’t think so. But you definitely knew who they were after the split. This was the coming-out party of G2 and boy was it a party. They did absolutely everything they could, which is also everything people never thought they could do; Coach of the Year (YoungBuck), Rookie of the Year (Perkz), MVP (Trick) and 2 All-pro players. Sheer domination out of nowhere!

5. Alliance: Summer ‘14

Alliance 2014 LoL Logo
top 5 lec team Alliance 2014 LoL Roster

Members: Wickd, Shook, Froggen, Tabzz, Nyph
Regular Season: 21-7, 1st
Playoffs: 6-2, 1st
Analysis: Whoa hey, that’s not G2 or Fnatic! The final spot on this list was very contested, but I felt it was good to recognize that teams other than Fnatic and G2 existed. However, this season looks more and more impressive as time goes on. Every EU LCS/LEC title has been won by Fnatic or G2… except for 1. This title run from Alliance marked the only split from 2013-2015 that Fnatic did not win. This was also the birth of the King of Anivia, Frog-Man, Froggen himself as he was named MVP of the playoffs, capping it off with a 3-1 over Fnatic that shocked the world.

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