Top 5 LCS Teams of All-Time

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Michael Jordan’s Bulls. Tom Brady’s Patriots. Blaber’s Cloud9? Each year, there are guaranteed to be new LCS championship teams. However, only every few years do we see a team that challenges for the title of being one of the best LCS teams ever.

Every year, the LCS amazes us in a different way (most of which are positive). We have seen teams rise, fall, and others get kicked out altogether. But what team was the greatest LCS team we ever watched? Or even better, when did we see the most dominant LCS seasons ever from an LCS team? We combed through the LCS archives and found the top 5 lcs teams for the most dominant LCS Split seasons of all time.

1. Cloud9: Spring ‘20

best LCS team of all time cloud9 lol 2020

Members: Licorice, Blaber, Nisqy, Zven & Vulcan
Regular Season: 17-1, 1st
Playoffs: 9-1, 1st
Analysis: Yep, we just witnessed the best LCS team ever. Nobody dominated their split like this C9 team. Their only blemish in the regular season was a surprising upset to a talented TSM team, but if you are pointing at a lone loss to discount a team, then you know they were amazing. They started the season 12-0, but my favorite stat is that their Mid Lane Tower wasn’t destroyed until their 12th game!! Zven was even trolling on Twitter about intentionally running into fountains to ruin his perfect KDA. Blaber took home MVP honors, 4 of 5 members were 1st-team All-Pro, and even their Coach won Coach of the Year. Pure dominance. 

2. Team SoloMid: Summer ‘16

Members: Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjergsen, Doublelift & Biofrost
Regular Season: 17-1 (35-6), 1st
Playoffs: 6-1, 1st
Analysis: Spring ‘20 C9’s 12-0 start is the second-best in LCS history… because this TSM team started 14-0. Back in the day where you would play Best of 3 series’ each week, TSM embarrassed every opponent on a weekly basis. Every stat you look at makes it clear they were in a tier of their own all split. TSM had 4 of their 5 players be named 1st-team All-Pro, including Rookie of the Split Biofrost and Split MVP Bjergsen. TSM players ranked 1st in KDA at 3 different positions. But this was back when Bjergsen, Doublelift, and Biofrost were on the same team. We will never see that again………..

3. Cloud9: Summer ‘13

best LCS team of all time cloud9 lol 2020
cloud9 lol roster 2013 best lcs team ever list

Members: Balls, Meteos, Hai, Sneaky & LemonNation
Regular Season: 25-3, 1st
Playoffs: 5-0, 1st
Analysis: We had to turn the clock wayyy back for this one. So far back that they were playing 5 matches a day with the week starting on Wednesday’s! Throwback aside, this team needs to be brought up when talking about the best LCS teams ever. Early day C9 broke out onto the pro LoL scene in a major way, putting their best season together here. Their only competition here was the 2nd place Team Vulcan, as C9 went 23-1 against all other teams, including a 13 game win streak. You could say that this started the legend of Sneaky (back when the cosplayer played pro LoL).

4. Team Liquid: Summer ‘19

Team liquid logo best LCS team ever list

Members: Impact, Xmithie, Jensen, Doublelift & CoreJJ
Regular Season: 14-4, 1st
Playoffs: 6-4, 1st
Analysis: Hey look! A team that is not C9 or TSM! Although this team doesn’t have as shiny of a Win-Loss record as other teams on the list, they were able to outmatch the most amount of talent that we have ever seen in the LCS up to this point. Try not to think any less of this team after their ‘20 Spring performance as the ‘19 Summer form truly was one of the best LCS teams ever. TL Cain won Coach of the Split as 4 of the 5 players were 1st-team All-Pro, the 5th player only being 2nd-team. This launched DoubleLift to absolute superstar status and provided NA with true hope at Worlds (but let’s not talk about that either…).

5. Cloud9: Spring ‘14

best LCS team of all time cloud9 lol 2020

Members: Balls, Meteos, Hai, Sneaky & LemonNation
Regular Season: 24-4, 1st
Playoffs: 5-0, 1st
Analysis: See! I told you early C9 flipped the pro LoL world upside down. They followed up the 3rd best split of all time with the 5th best split of all time! Split aside, this group of 5 players may just go down as the best LCS team to ever compete together as they built this dynasty. Different than their ‘13 Summer run, everybody expected this dominance from them, and they still delivered. Bravo boys. Bravo.

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