Top 5 LCS Dardoch Teams

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Top 5 Lcs Dardoch TeamsAll Photos via Riot Games

Following his benching and subsequent removal from Dignitas, Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett has joined Immortals as their assistant coach for the remainder of the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Dardoch has expressed his interest in returning to pro play when possible, so we want to highlight the best Dardoch rosters that we have seen in the LCS and NA LCS.

We ranked the best Dardoch LCS teams based on four factors: team results, overall team performance, the pedigree of the players, and most importantly, Dardoch’s performance. We valued rosters where Dardoch remained the starter more than rosters where he was subbed or benched. With that said, where would you rank the 2021 Dignitas roster against our list?

1. Echo Fox 2018

Top 5 Lcs Dardoch Teams

Top: Huni

Jungle: Dardoch

Mid: Fenix, Damonte

Bot: Altec, Lost

Support: Adrian, Smoothie

Team Results:

  • 2nd place, 2018 Spring LCS Regular Season
  • 3rd place, 2018 Spring LCS Playoffs
  • 4th place, 2018 Summer LCS Regular Season

When Echo Fox initially announced this roster, fans met it with both excitement and uncertainty for its high potential. The team finished 2nd in the 2018 LCS Spring Split regular season, losing the first place tiebreaker to a surging 100 Thieves, and placed 3rd place in playoffs. In addition to this, Echo Fox was the only team to take a game off the eventual champions of Team Liquid during playoffs. Echo Fox followed this up with a strong showing at Rift Rivals and a 4th place regular-season finish of 10-8 in the 2018 LCS Summer Split, only two games behind the dominant 1st place Team Liquid.

Throughout his time on Echo Fox, Dardoch put up impressive performance game after game and was arguably one of the best junglers in LCS. Moreover, even when his teammates were struggling around him, he was a consistent factor in carrying the game. In addition to this, Dardoch was never benched or subbed out, being the only player besides Huni remaining from the original lineup by the time the summer playoff began. In conclusion, this roster was our top choice for the best LCS team Dardoch was on and was one of the best years of his career.

2. Team Liquid 2016

Top 5 Lcs Dardoch Teams

Top: Lourlo

Jungle: Dardoch, Moon

Mid: Fenix

Bot: Piglet, Fabbbyyy

Support: Matt

Team Results: 

  • 4th place, 2016 LCS Spring Regular Season
  • 4th place, 2016 LCS Spring Playoffs
  • 5th place, 2016 LCS Summer Regular Season
  • T-5th place, 2016 LCS Summer Playoffs

If fans were to ignore the drama surrounding this roster, the results speak for themselves about its strength. In Dardoch’s rookie split, the team placed 4th in the 2016 LCS Spring Split regular season and playoffs. Importantly, Dardoch had a breakout debut in that same split, receiving Player of the Week twice, Rookie of the Split, and a spot on the 3rd All-Pro team. To the surprise of the community, Team Liquid announced Dardoch’s benching. Consequently, Liquid would struggle to find their footing in the summer split, eventually leading to Dardoch’s reinstatement to the starting roster. After this, Team Liquid ended the regular season in 5th place and playoffs in 5th-6th place, and Dardoch again earned a spot on the 3rd All-Pro team. While this roster had the most drama out of all of Dardoch’s teams, it facilitated Dardoch’s rise as one of the best junglers in the LCS.

3. TSM 2020

Top 5 Lcs Dardoch Teams

Top: Broken Blade

Jungle: Dardoch

Mid: Bjergsen

Bot: Kobbe

Support: Biofrost

Team Results: 

  • 5th place, 2020 LCS Spring Regular Season
  • 4th place, 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs

During Spring, TSM struggled to meet lofty expectations, ending the split with a modest 9-9 record and only securing 4th place in playoffs. Despite one of his slower splits, Dardoch avoided the TSM curse and remained the starting jungler all split. Surprisingly, this team only clenched the 4th place, even with the impressive roster around Dardoch. Above all, was one of the best LCS all-time mid laners, Bjergsen. Alongside him in top lane was Broken Blade, who was making a name for himself as a premier top laner. Starring in the bot lane was Kobbe, who had just come off a quarterfinal appearance at the world championship with Splyce, with Biofrost as his support. Although this roster did not find great success, it can not be ignored, earning this TSM roster a spot in the top five. 

4. CounterLogic Gaming 2017

Top 5 Lcs Dardoch Teams

Top: Darshan 

Jungle: Dardoch/OmarGod

Mid: huhi

Bot: Stixxay

Support: Aphromoo

Team Results: 

  • 3rd place, 2017 LCS Summer Regular Season
  • 3rd place, 2017 LCS Summer Playoffs

Dardoch joined CLG for the 2017 Summer Split as a trade of junglers between Immortals and CLG. During his time on CLG, Dardoch earned Player of the Game seven times, the third most amount, only exceeded by TSM Bjergsen with twelve POGs and four others with eight. Once again, Dardoch contended for the title of best North American LCS jungler. However, his time on CLG was not without controversy. Even with a strong start to the split, Dardoch was eventually subbed out and benched for OmarGod, who would play every playoff game for CLG. Despite this CLG roster finishing higher than the TSM roster Dardoch was a part of, Dardoch’s benching undermines the weight of these results. However, with Dardoch contributing to 10 out of the 12 of CLG’s regular-season victories, the strength of this CLG roster is not negligible, earning 4th place among Dardoch’s top 5 teams. 

5. Immortals 2017

Top 5 Lcs Dardoch Teams

Top: Flame

Jungle: Dardoch

Mid: Pobelter

Bot: Cody Sun

Support: Olleh

Team Results: 

  • 7th place, 2017 LCS Spring Split Regular Season

Despite not qualifying for the LCS 2017 Spring Split playoffs with this team, Dardoch himself had a superb individual performance. During the split, he garnered 12 POGs, the most of anyone in the league, and earned a spot as the 2nd All-Pro team jungler. In addition, the pedigree of the players around Dardoch on this roster was also much higher than the other teams it edged out to make this list, like Dignitas and Optic. With veterans Flame, one of the best Korean top laners of all time, and Pobelter, who at the time was considered one of the best mid laners in the LCS, Immortals had solid solo lanes with high carry potential. The Immortals bot lane duo were also nothing to scoff at; with a rookie Cody Sun and future MVP candidate support Olleh, this Immortals squad was stacked across the map. As a result, this roster beats out Dardoch’s remaining past teams to earn the final spot on this top 5 list. 

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