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Streaming has EXPLODED over the last few years, so we couldn’t resist putting together the ‘Top 5 Esports Streamers’ List. It seems like Twitch, complemented by other streaming sites, is now relied upon as entertainment just as much as cable tv. Every channel is a unique streamer with their take on live content, whether gaming or just chatting. It is impossible to rank the five best of the thousands of unique and dedicated streamers out there… so I’m not going to do that. But I will give you five must-watch esports streamers across five different esports.

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1. Shiphtur: League of Legends

Shiphtur makes number 1 on the best esports streamers

Shiphtur is an O.G LoL player and streamer, we had to put this beast number 1.

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The biggest esport in the world is the most-watched, most streamed, and the most competitive when it comes to deciding what stream to watch and subscribe to. If you want to rage and flame games (in as constructive of a way as possible), you can go with the more famous Tyler1, but Shiphtur provides a more subdued display of even better talent. The former LCS player can still outplay anybody he matches up against, but he makes sure to keep all his viewers entertained. He will pull up some Youtube videos for the chat to watch with him even to the point where in between game action. It’s the closest to a LoL cable channel you will ever get.

2. S1mple: CSGO

s1mple is considered one of the top 4 esports streamers

If you are looking for a relevant top tier esports pro to watch then go no further!

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Watching streams is all about entertainment. Some people want to laugh, some want to learn, and some want to sit back and watch the greatest CSGO player in the world. S1mple provides the third option there and is a sight to be seen. Rarely do we get the pleasure of having current top pro players steam regularly, but S1mple has been trying to fill that void. Sometimes he slips in some Dota, sometimes he doesn’t speak English, but he never stops wrecking fools. He deserved number two on our Top 5 Esports Streamers List.

3. Shroud: FPS/Variety

Shroud is one of the best esports streamers

Shroud is a mechanical god and seems to pick up and master any FPS within minutes.

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Remember Shroud?? He may not be streaming on Twitch anymore, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t any less insane at any esport he touches. The former CSGO pro streams a variety of games but shines on any FPS he touches, most recently with Valorant. He may not compete professionally or play one game long enough to get the #1 rank, but his stream ends up being a fun and engaging display of talent every time. Enjoy.

4. AsmodaiTV: Hearthstone

AsmodaiTV makes the top 5 esports streamers

This guy is the real deal in the online card game community, he is dedicated to his craft to say the least.

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Hearthstone is not as popular as it used to be, but don’t tell Asmo that. In 2019, he streamed EVERY SINGLE day of the year. His stream grew a long and dedicated following along the way. Hearthstone is a unique esport since the slow and turn-based nature of the game stresses the importance of the streamer interacting with chat, talking and just having a personality. Asmo does all of that, and he is an extremely skilled player but doesn’t take himself too seriously, still happy to miss lethal to go for the meme.

5. Dakotaz: Fortnite

With his constant top viewership, Dakotaz is the diamond in the rough that is Fortnite.

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Another very crowded market for streaming, Fortnite has towards the top of Twitch viewership since its release. Although some of the biggest names of the title have moved on the different Battle Royale games like CoD’s Warzone or Apex, Dakotaz has stuck with Fortnite. Obviously, he is fantastic, and your jaw drops every time you watch him play, but his unique display helps set him apart from other streamers. He does not have a camera with his face displayed. Why? He wants his stream to feel as immersed as possible like the viewer is the one playing and fighting for high ground in the final storm.

Thanks for checking out our ‘Top 5 Esports Streamers’ list, check out some of our other top 5’s below.

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