Top 5 Best League of Legends Podcasts

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Whether you are a League of Legends (LoL) esports fanatic or just a casual player wanting to kick-back and tune in, there are plenty of LoL podcasts worth your time. This is our list of the top 5 LoL podcasts heading into 2021. We have you covered with some of the most popular LoL podcasts and underrated LoL talk shows that you have to check out.  

Note: This list is not in any order, as each of these podcasts have different focuses and audiences. 

1. Face Check


Hosts: Nick “LS” Cesare, Daniel “DGON” Gonzales, & Christian “IWDominate” Rivera

Frequency: 4 episodes / month (During the LoL Esports season)

Links: Twitch & YouTube

Despite only airing during the LoL Esports season, “Face Check” is a must-watch show that covers a large variety of topics within the scene. Host DGON will typically moderate the discussion between his co-hosts, LS and IWDominate, who deliberate over professionals matches, item builds, expectations for upcoming matches and more. This show has a little bit for everyone and you might find yourself leaving each episode having learned something new.

2. The Dive

the dive podcast

Hosts: Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler, Isaac “Azael” Cummings Bentley, & Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman

Frequency: 4 episodes / month (During the LoL Esports season)

Links: Spotify, YouTube, & Anchor

A Riot Games production, “The Dive” is a weekly LoL esports podcast with popular LCS casters: Kobe, Azael, and MarkZ. Conversation revolves heavily around the LCS split whether they are discussing the previous week’s matches or the upcoming ones. Typically, each host will discuss their most anticipated match for the next week and provide their predictions for its result. LCS fans looking for a nice preview and rundown of competitive play will love “The Dive” and should consider submitting questions to be answered on the show.

3. The Crack down

Hosts: Christian “IWDominate” Rivera & Duncan “Thorin” Shields

Frequency: 4 episodes / month

Link: YouTube & Twitch

Looking for a show with real opinions, heated topics, and popular guests? Search no further than “The Crack Down”.  IWDominate and Thorin are joined weekly by a special guest to address large issues in the scene, talk about upcoming events/tournaments, or get the guest’s insight into a recent match of theirs or their opinion on another team’s performance. “The Crack Down” is the place to be when it is live, as guests often let loose compared to their usual interviews and occasionally clash with the hosts. 

4. Bevvies with The Boys

Bevvies with the boys

Hosts: Joseph “Munchables” Fenny  & Robert “Dagda” Price 

Frequency: 4 episodes / month 

Links: YouTube, Spotify, & Twitch

Having only started during Worlds 2020 in October, “Bevvies With The Boys” is one of the fastest growing LoL talk shows around. The show has a unique spin, where two guests join the hosts, Munchables and Dagda, and have some “beverages”. It is a laidback league talk show where there is no set topic, but typically centers around LoL. As the show goes on and the cast gets drunker, conversation flows and guests share their personal stories and experiences in the professional scene. If you are looking for learning more about your favorite LoL coaches or casters, then pull up a chair and crack open a bevvy (if you are of legal age)!

5. True Sight Podcast

Host: Tim “Magic” Sevenhuysen

Frequency: 4 episodes / month

Link: Anchor & Oracle’s Elixir

Tim Sevenhuysen is known for his creation of, one of the leading sources for LoL esports statistics. Each week Tim is joined by premiere industry experts, such as coaches, analysts and team general managers. On any given show you can expect them to discuss LoL at an in-depth analytical level, guests’ responsibilities on their team, and emerging talent within the scene. The “True Sight Podcast” is an aspiring analyst’s dream and a great listen for anyone wanting to learn. 

Best LoL Podcasts Honorable Mentions

Hotline League (HLL)

Hotline League

Hosts: Travis GaffordMark “MarkZ” Zimmerman

Frequency: 4 episodes / month

Links: YouTube, Spotify, & Twitch

“Hotline League” is like your traditional sports call-in show with hot takes, great laughs, and chaos. Each episode they invite a special guest to discuss the major topics/drama of the week and field questions from the audience. The hosts, Travis and MarkZ, pull in callers with spicy takes about anything in LoL and have them defend their take. HLL is a fun LoL talk show for the casual viewer to share their opinion and go head-to-head with the hosts or special guest. 

Perfect Execution

Perfect X

Hosts: Parkes Ousley, Nick Ray, & Manny Gomez

Frequency: 4 episodes /month

Links: Twitch & Twitter

PerfectExecution is a weekly show hosted by esport journalists Nick, Manny, and Parkes, that blends League of Legends and pop culture. No two episodes are ever the same as every week has new hilarious segments and special guests with the likes of eU Dan Clerkie, Jacob Wolf, and Riot Phreak. If you are looking to learn more about the esports industry or hear great discussions on LoL, drop a follow for Perfect Execution. 

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