Top 3 Lineup Strategies

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You know that feeling of when you go grocery shopping when you are absolutely starving? You arrive with a plan of what you want to buy, but then you are shopping, and everything smells delicious and everything feels like a good deal. Then before you know if, you are taking an overfull cart down the 12 isles or less lane (like a jerk). Think of our Top 3 Lineup Strategies article as the family member that is keeping you in check.

That same kind of feeling can hit you when building a fantasy LoL lineup. You have a plan but then there are so many players you want that you either spend $100k too much or $100k too little. Whether new to fantasy or a savvy veteran, there are a variety of strategies you can take when building a lineup. The more you plan, the more you learn your own style of managing risk and upside, but here are a couple of strategies to get you started.

1. Play the Values

Fantasy is all about VALUE. V-A-L-U-E. You want to buy the 6th most expensive player, but have him score the 2nd most points. So the simplest strategy for building your lineup is to fill it with people you expect to outperform their price (aka rank higher in points than their price would predict). This strategy is the most intuitive and commonly used, whether people know they are doing it or not. Across the board, you fill a lineup with players you see as underpriced with an exploitable matchup, avoiding the slate’s most expensive players.

2. Pay Up for Money Positions

No matter how you slice it in Fantasy LoL, Mid & Bot Laners are the two highest-scoring positions. They end up with the bulk of the Kills, boosting them to the top of the fantasy leaderboards. So how about getting two of the 5 top scoring players in our lineup and building around them? Well, the most logical way to get that done is to pay up for the most expensive Mid & Bot Laners. Once those two are picked, we will fill our lineup with the best of the bargain bin, trying to support our bonafide studs with a couple of sleepers/lottery tickets. 

Example players for strategy: G2 Caps, FNC Rekkles, G2 Perkz.

3. Reach for the Outliers

This strategy is going one level deeper. As told in the previous strategy, Mid & Bot laners are the highest scoring positions. This is true. But since the positions score so well, you can go budget on them and still have a safe floor. This would allow you to spend up for the elite players at lineups that don’t score as well, Top, Jungler, and Support. Although the highest scorers of these positions won’t lead the entire slate, they are able to separate themselves drastically from the low scorers at the position. An elite Top/Jungler/Support can double the score of the average Jungler on the right week. Set yourself apart from the average player as much as you can, then lean on the safe floors of the higher scoring positions.

Example players for strategy: G2 Jankos, C9 Blaber, G2 Mikyx

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