The Race to $50K

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There is a LOT on the line going into the final week of the Spring E1 Fantasy season, but the most important is the Race to $50K. Money, bragging rights, global stardom and then more money. While some are out of contention for the top prizes, others are one great lineup away from winning $50,000! 

The race for the money spots are very, very tight. I’m not just blowing smoke when I say that I have no idea who is going to win this. One lineup decision will decide this entire league. Everybody is gunning for the #1 spot, but don’t scoff at the $20k or $10k you get for finishing 2nd and 3rd. Those races are even TIGHTER.


  1. ($50,000) Plotinus 3264.08 (+81.80 ahead of 2nd)
  2. ($20,000) DrNutzlos 3182.48
  3. ($10,000) DrunkenJules 3174.86 (-7.62 behind 2nd)
  4. ($0) Deschumi 3164.24 (-18.24)
  5. Benji 3161.19 (-21.29)
  6. YummaB 3160.18 (-22.30)
  7. Zephinity 3157.21 (-25.27)
  8. B4 3151.95 (-30.53)
  9. Jeppemand 3144.51 (-37.97)
  10. Lyarri 3139.64 (-42.84)


SQUAD GOALS: Highest Scoring Lineup of the Week

Deschumi may be on the outside of the 3 top paid spots, but he already has filled his pockets this season. His lineup in Week 3 was the highest scoring lineup of the entire regular season with a monster 389.41 point lineup! Not only did it help boost him up the standings, he pocketed $1,000 that week for winning the Highest Scoring Lineup weekly prize! Looking at his lineup, I would say he owes G2 Esports’ Caps some of that $1,000. But guess what? Deschumi topped the weekly leaderboard AGAIN in Week 8! Deschumi is in the Race to $50K misses out on the Top 3 spots at season’s end, he is still walking away with $2,000.

![|259x300](upload://cWHwfqYlUhYmqt9OizO2JGgldKX.png)Deschumi’s Week 3 winning lineup (Highest scoring lineup of the entire regular season)

All players that won $1,000 for getting the Highest Scoring Lineup in a week (with score)

  1. Pancas 322.24
  2. Holl 357.58
  3. Deschumi 389.41
  4. B4 315.18
  5. Leddigno 352.40
  6. DavisPruitt 346.07
  7. Relise 352.61
  8. Deschumi 337.21 (a second win!)
  9. Controlix 345.71

I GOT YOU FAM: Lineup with the Most Assists each week

Obviously everybody is aiming to scoring the most fantasy points possible each and every week, but the race to $50k isn’t the only way to win. During the regular season, the lineup that racks up the mosts Assists each week earns a cool $500 with the ‘I Got You Fam’ Weekly Prize. These lineups don’t always translate to the top scoring one of each week (as people want Kills more than Assists), but hey $500 translates over to a lot of things. Glad to see people getting paid for lending a helping hand 🙂

All players that won $500 for leading a week in Assists

  1. Gtaffurs93
  2. Troksin
  3. Simerdinger
  4. Afahsl
  5. Szebb
  6. DavisPruitt
  7. ScottFreiberg4
  8. MrWheelbarrow
  9. Yeoman

CAPTAIN POGGERS: Lineup with the Highest Scoring Captain of the week

The third Weekly Prize that has been stuffing people’s pockets with money each regular season week is ‘Captain Poggers,’ where the lineup with the highest scoring captains get rewarded. Now you don’t even need a strong lineup overall for this. You just needed one dude to POP OFF and have crowned him as your captain, hopefully guessing his champions correctly. Those 50% bonuses that you get really help a lineup out, but it can also win you $500 on the spot!

All players that won $500 for having the highest scoring Captain of a week (with their Captain. Some ties are not shown):

  1. Noodlotgg (G2 Caps)
  2. Troksin (C9 Zven)
  3. Dragonfruit (G2 Caps)
  4. Danklaf (C9 Nisqy)
  5. Nino (FNC Rekkles)
  6. MightyCriptor (G2 Perkz)
  7. Bradgray702 (TSM Bjergsen)
  8. TacoPerson (G2 Caps)
  9. JorTheExplorer (C9 Blaber)

Thanks for reading the race to $50k!

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