The People's Choice: NA Locals vs Imports

Originally published at: Peoples Choice Week 5 Summer 2020 | Esports One

The best rivalry in esports, EU vs. NA, is on hold this week as LEC takes the week off (clearly they can’t handle the heat). But at E1, we always give the people what they want! So this week, we are going native NA players vs Players who are/were imports: Locals vs. Imports! I’ll explain the thought process behind each lineup and how we carefully crafted it to win the week. Then YOU will vote as to what lineup you think will score the most points this week. You can do it!

Last Week’s Results

Week 4 – NA vs EU:
LCS Lineup: 231.02 (48% of Votes)
LEC Lineup: 222.85 (52% of Votes)

Updated Win Count:
LCS: 1
LEC: 0

Team NA Locals

Locals Lineup
All hail King Blaber! This lineup takes the Value Player approach but relies on Blaber and Solo to anchor the squad (both of which should finish Top 2 at their position). The success of this lineup will ultimately come down to how IMT performs. They should be set up to smurf on DIG, but the TSM matchup can be either a bloody fantasy points party or a one-sided affair going in favor of TSM. The good thing though, is that there is a clear win condition for this lineup, IMT Bot lane produces.

Team Imports

Imports Lineup
Here we have a more balanced player approach trying to scrape some value off of the cheapest team. TL has a great schedule and provides us with some amazing international talent. We could’ve gone Jensen instead of Jiizuke here for the stack, but I don’t want to sacrifice that much Kill potential. DIG is able to get a surprising amount of points for a team without a win, but this lineup is all about how dominant TL can be. Well, that and making sure Jiizuke doesn’t play Karma…