The People's Choice: EU vs NA

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The best rivalry in esports: EU vs NA. Well, let’s settle this rivalry once and for all. Each week, we are going to provide one all-LEC lineup and one all-LCS lineup. We will tell you our thoughts behind it and how we carefully crafted it to win the week. Then YOU will vote as to what lineup you think will score the most points this week. Are you good enough to predict the winning lineup? Or will you just go with your pride? U-S-A! U-S-A!

Team NA

ssumday 100thievesTop – Ssumday – $290k Contractz 100thievesJung – Contractz – $170k bjergsen tsmMid – Bjergsen – $350k zven Cloud9Bot – Zven – $330k Sup - Poome - $80kSup – Poome – $80k Team EG - $270kTeam EG – $270k


LCS Lineup: It doesn’t feel great to trust 100 Thieves so much after the entire organization imploded over the weekend, but the talent and schedule is still there for them. They have my top ranked schedule of the week, and the prices of Contractz & Poome give me LOTS of flexibility. Ssumday should also lead them in scoring. With the budget players, I was able to go STUD/STUD at Mid & Bot as I expect Bjergsen to follow up his massive week with another. Then Zven will be Zven. Im hedging my bets slightly (which I don’t like doing) with EG Team instead of 100T, but a man can only handle so much heartbreak.

Team EU

Finn RogueTop – Finn – $230k Selfmade FnaticJung – Selfmade – $280k humanoid Mad LionsMid- Humanoid – $280k P1noy G2 EsportsBot – P1noy – $260k labrov vitalitySup – Labrov – $100k Team - MAD Lions - $300kTeam – MAD Lions – $300k


LEC Lineup: No budget-stacking here, instead, a very balanced attack of strong players across the board. The most enticing part of this lineup, I expect every position to go 2-0 (other than Labrov who I expect to go 1-1). Selfmade and Humanoid each is the player I expect to lead their teams in Kills in strong 2-0 weeks. P1noy won’t lead his team in points, but he is at the highest scoring position in Fantasy on the most Fantasy friendly team in the LEC. Really just hoping for some Uma Jan all weekend long to boost my LEC points.

Time to Vote!

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Which fantasy team will score higher?

North America (NA)Europe (EU)

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Thanks for voting! We will share the results in next week’s People’s Choice article!

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