The Deep Dive: Rogue and Fnatic's hot start to Summer

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Two LEC teams managed 3-0 starts to the Summer 2020 regular season, and G2 Esports wasn’t one of them: Fnatic and Rogue have the hot hands early, while G2 suffered two huge upsets in the super week, falling to both Origen and Vitality. G2 will be back in the fight for the top of the league in no time, but Rogue and Fnatic made strong arguments that they intend to battle for the top of the table, too.

Rogue Leader

Rogue didn’t just take home three wins; they did it in convincing style, putting up league-leading numbers in almost every major category, including advanced gold metrics like gold percent rating (GPR), which measures how much a team plays from ahead or behind, and gold spent percentage difference (GSPD), which measures margin of victory.

Rogue Team Stats, Summer 2020 Week 1

Value Rank in LEC
K:D Ratio 3.69 1
GPR 2.28 1
GSPD +11.1% 1
EGR / MLR 69.0 / +31 1 / 2
DRG% 71% 2
JNG% 54.7% 1

Larssen was the star for Rogue, playing Corki once and Orianna twice and hard carrying.

RGE Larssen Stats, Summer 2020 Week 1

Larssen Value Rank among LEC Mids
KDA 12.7 1
KP 79.2% 1
GXD10 +298 4
DPM 527 3
CSPM 10.0 2

Finn and Hans sama also played very well, though Finn offset some of his best plays and strong decision-making with micro mistakes that could have blown things wide open.

Fantastic Fnatic?

Fnatic matched Rogue’s 3-0 record, but their path to the finish line looked very different. Instead of controlling and dominating their games, Fnatic had to play from even or behind much more, relying on scaling, team fighting, and opponent mistakes to find their wins.

They deserved to lose their first game, against Misfits, but were able to leverage their experience and out-wait their opponents, eventually finding enough mistakes and delaying long enough to scale and find a comeback, Rekkles playing the hero with a Baron steal. In their next two games, facing Vitality and Excel, Fnatic did better, pulling away in the mid game and controlling their wins more decisively.

Fnatic Team Stats, Summer 2020 Week 1

Value Rank in LEC
K:D Ratio 1.78 2
GPR 0.20 5
GSPD 3.5% 4
EGR / MLR 65.9 / +34 2 / 1
DRG% 79% 1
JNG% 53.8% 2

Fnatic’s stats don’t feature as many “Rank 1 in LEC” categories as Rogue, but their kill-to-death ratio, EGR, and jungle control were still very high. Their gold percent rating, though, shows how much they played from behind against Misfits, with their other two games barely able to push the GPR into the positive. And their GSPD is very low for an undefeated team.

One reason Fnatic was able to win out in the mid and late game even without big gold leads was their drake stacking, with league-leading 79% dragon control. By putting themselves in position to threaten for dragon souls, Fnatic gave themselves an outlet and a pressure point, tools that allowed Hylissang and Selfmade to make plays and for Fnatic as a whole to set up and win team fights. Specifically in their big comeback against Misfits, Fnatic’s dragon stacking meant both that they had a little more power to help them stall, and the cloud soul they had earned helped them position themselves for the Baron, and for the later Elder dragon. When they did win the crucial Baron fight, their dragons ensured that they could turn their advantage into the largest possible momentum swing.

Throughout the weekend, Rekkles was a solid rock, following up on his teammates’ plays as the team’s primary carry and making a few plays of his own in his Syndra game. Hylissang and Selfmade were the real stars of the super week for Fnatic, though. Hylissang had one of his classic int games against Misfits, but more than redeemed himself with a great proactive game on Blitzcrank and a strong defensive performance on Tahm Kench. Selfmade, meanwhile, did everything you can ask of a jungler, finding ganks despite opponent vision control, making plays at all stages, and leading LEC junglers in both farm (7.4 CSPM) and damage output (280 DPM).

If Fnatic can continue to be this resilient and composed, it will serve them very well throughout the split.

Rogue and Fnatic’s Week 2 Tests

In week 2, Fnatic are up against Origen and MAD Lions, which should be an interesting challenge. They will hope to get the good version of Hylissang, of course, but my eyes will be on Selfmade to see how he can do head-to-head against Xerxe and Shad0w, two very strong junglers.

Rogue will meet Vitality and G2, which should provide a stiffer test and has the potential to bring them down to earth. Look for continued strong play from Larssen and Hans sama, while Finn will try to clean up his micro while maintaining his decision-making so that he can be a third pivot point for his team.

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