The Analyst's Lineup: Week 9

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To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

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Top: 100 Ssumday vs DIG & EG ($260k)

Once again, Top lane gives me fits. I initially plugged FLY Solo in here, but the more I researched Solo, the more boring the pick became. He is the safest Top in the pool, I admit it, but his upside doesn’t compare to Ssumday or G2 Wunder. People think 100 Thieves are struggling, but all of their 4 recent losses have come to teams with winning record, something neither of their opponents this week has. GG Haunzter was also very much in consideration, but I had the extra money and am more confident in 100T’s chances at 2-0 than I am with GG.

Other considerations: FLY Solo $270k, G2 Wunder $280k, GG Hauntzer $210k, S04 Odoamne $200kk)

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Jungler: Jungler: S04 Gilius vs FNC & VIT ($220k)

ALL HAIL GOD GILIUS. BOW DOWN IN HIS PRESENCE. I absolutely love the Jungler options this week. FLY Santorin, TL Broxah, and G2 Jankos were all extremely tempting, but even though they may be safer, Gilius has the same upside of them all. Gilius has 3 games of 32+ points in his last 4, something that none of the other names can say. And honestly, if the God Gilius himself tweets out, “Put me in your fantasy lineup,” a mortal man like myself cannot refuse.

Other considerations: FLY Santorin $310k, TL Broxah $260k, G2 Jankos $290k

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Mid: FLY PowerOfEvil vs CLG & IMT ($360k)

He was the first person I put in my lineup, and I tried to do everything I could to avoid taking him out. He is the betting odds favorite to lead all players in scoring again this week, his 80 points from last week being a realistic goal. It was not easy keeping him in the lineup though with his steep price, but the cheap Support and Team allowed me to do so.

Captain Pick: Orianna is still clearly his preferred pick, but when it was banned out last week, LeBlanc was his selection. I feel good about this combo and even better about the chances of POE scoring over 70 before my bonus kicks in.

Other considerations: 100 Ryoma $280k, G2 Caps $350k

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Bot: G2 Perkz vs SK & MSF ($350k)

Oh my goodness, this could be fun. I am really really hoping for some vintage Perkz here, poised to enter playoffs on a hot streak. It is hilarious that Perkz and TL Tactical are the exact same price because they feel extremely different. Tactical is a very safe player that you can pencil in for 2 games scoring between 20-30. Perkz on the other hand, already has 3 games over 39 points, but also 6 games below 10… FLY WildTurtle and C9 Zven are enticing options at $320k and a very similar pair to Perkz/Tactical with WildTurtle being very safe and Zven carrying more risk with recent struggles. I’m shooting for the sky here, though.

Other considerations:  TL Tactical $350k, FLY WildTurtle $320k, C9 Zven $320k, S04 Neon $260k

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Support: S04 Dreams vs FNC & VIT ($100k)

I really wanted Ignar here. Really did, still do, but Dreams is literally half his cost. Dreams does not have anywhere near the upside but allows me to take major upside at every other player position. No position for players is affected more by win/loss outcome than Support, so I am clearly leaning into the momentum that S04 has on their side this week.

Other considerations: FLY Ignar $200k, GG Huhi $120k, G2 Mikyx $170k

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Team: FC Schalke 04 vs FNC & VIT ($210k)

Not every day that you get to pick a Worlds Team for $210k! But honestly, I put S04 in here and didn’t look back. I have built my lineup in a way that I am investing heavily into a 2-0 S04 week, so capping it off with the team provided me a budget option for what I have defined as a 2-0 team (which is what I always chase here).

Other considerations: SK Gaming $190k, 100 Thieves $240k

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