The Analyst's Lineup: Week 7

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To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLHF!

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Top: EG Huni vs IMT & DIG ($270k)

I didn’t think I’d be happy paying triple the amount I paid last week for the same guy, but here we are! I loved seeing how much EG leaned on Huni in his return to the starting lineup. I wanted a carry player here, and the $10k difference is what led to Huni over my preferred choice of 100 Ssumday.

Other considerations: 100 Ssumday $280k, XL Kryze $220k, OG Alphari $300k

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Jungler: 100 Contractz vs CLG & GG ($260k)

This was an instant lock for me, and the bargain price allowed me to stay put. You want this sort of aggressive play in your Jungler, and I think the new 1-2 punch of Contractz+Ssumday will be what leads 100T to a 2-0 week.

Other considerations: OG Xerxe $270k, EG Svenskeren $230k, TSM Spica $210k

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Mid: EG GoldenGlue vs IMT & DIG ($270k)

Yeah, well, duh, I wanted Larssen. You got $90k to lend me?? Mid is rough this week because I felt like options fall off a cliff after Humanoid. GoldenGlue brings a lot of risk, but I’ll trust the matchup here as I am clearly all-in on EG. We all know I’m a big Spreadsheet Guy, but I am buying into some intangibles (mindset, motivation, storylines, etc.) with this pick. If it busts, I am never leaving my spreadsheets again.

Other considerations: TSM Bjergsen $310k, RGE Larssen $360k, OG Nukeduck $270k

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Bot: TSM Doublelift vs DIG & CLG ($320k)

Investing in TSM does not feel great… However, I really think their problems have not been in the Bot lane. Lucky for them, both their opponents looked as bad as them. If TSM wins, it will be through the bottom half of the map. Overall I didn’t like my options here. EG Bang is just starting to get back involved in fights, XL Patrik has high upside, but extreme risk, and 100 Cody Sun is just not sexy as he may end up being outscored by three teammates. I can rant all day about this, but I digress.

Captain Pick: Crowning DL was the easy part, picking the Champs was tougher. Surprisingly, DL hasn’t played Ezreal at all this split. Add in the Senna curse, Kalista/Aphelios seemed clear.

Other considerations: XL Patrik $270k, EG Bang $310k, 100 Cody Sun $290k

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Support: OG Jactroll vs VIT & FNC ($120k)

Well yeah, no crap I wanted MAD Kaiser, stop money shaming me. However, I really want to invest in OG this week. The more I pick Supports, the more I learn just how important a 2-0 week for their success. A stud ADC with them makes it even better. Jactroll brings the best of both worlds at this price range.

Other considerations: MAD Kaiser $210k, TSM Treatz $130k, 100 Poome $120k

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Team: Evil Geniuses vs IMT & DIG ($260k)

I wanted to try to open up more cash to get OG, but at this point I realized that the only way this lineup will work is if EG pops off in a 2-0 week. So I just leaned into it! The roster swaps create additional risk, but they really should be able to win both handily. YOLO.

Other considerations: Origen $290k, 100 Thieves $270k, Team SoloMid $270k

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