The Analyst's Lineup: Week 6

Originally published at: The Analyst's Lineup Week 6 Summer 2020- Esports One

To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

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Top: DIG Lourlo vs CLG & GG ($150k)

This is not me predicting another 2-0 DIG week. I don’t expect that to happen again this year… But both DIG wins ended up coming through the top half of the map with Lourlo and Dardoch’s chemistry on full display. With 6 LCS Summer games under his belt, Lourlo has only scored less than 12 in a game once, despite going 2-4 in that stretch.

Other considerations: RGE Finn $260k, CLG Deus $220k, IMT Allorim $150k

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Jungler: C9 Blaber vs EG & FLY ($350k)

A lot of people got burned BAD by Blaber last week, a weekend in which was the worst of his professional career. Now that Blaber was exploited and C9 lost a game, I expect the whole squad to come back hungrier than ever, Blaber more than anybody else. EG & FLY are two teams that should be able to keep games competitive, pushing Blaber to even more points.

Other considerations: GG Closer $290k, FNC Selfmade $300k, TSM Spica $240k

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Mid: RGE Larssen vs XL & S04 ($350k)

Leading scorer on his team: Check. 1st place in LEC: Check. 2-0 Week: Check. All of these bonuses are baked into his price, but it should be worth it. I originally had Pobelter here, but switching to budget up Top let me upgrade Mid to its final form.

Other considerations: CLG Pobelter $290k, VIT Milica $270k, TSM Bjergsen $300k

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Bot: CLG Stixxay vs DIG & IMT ($330k)

VERY tough decision between FBI and Stixxay here, made even more difficult by the fact that they are the same price. I ended up leaning Stixxay because I feel the Kill potential is higher. Stixxay already has 7 games this season with over 3 Kills, FBI only has 3. CLG has proven that they can win every game they are supposed to win, and they have 2 of those games this weekend.

Captain Pick: Even though Larssen could easily outscore Stixxay, I’m playing the odds here as we all know Ezreal and Aphelios dominate the Bot meta.

Other considerations: GG FBI $330k, SK Crownshot $290k, RGE Hans Sama $300k

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Support: OG (labeled as VIT) Jactroll vs MSF & G2 ($30k)

I should be more excited about getting a starting Support for $30k, but this doesn’t feel good. I don’t trust the talent or the situation, especially since he only has 3 days with his new team before competing. However, it does feel good to have my #1 Ranked Jungler, Mid and Bot players this week!

Other considerations: CLG Smoothie $150k, GG Huhi $140k, VIT Labrov $100k

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Team: Team Liquid vs EG & 100 ($290k)

Everything about this pick feels great. I am starting to take slightly less risk with my Team, leaning towards more clearly favored 2-0’s. TL has that schedule and put together an absolute dream Team performance just last week, having 2 straight games with 4 Dragons, 2 Barons, and 2 Rift Heralds. They set the record for Team scoring in a week (68). Nobody else has shown they can do that, not even C9.

Other considerations: CLG $290k, Rogue $310k

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