The Analyst's Lineup: Week 5

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To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

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Top: IMT Allorim vs DIG & TSM ($180k)

My plan coming into this lineup was to leverage as much of IMT as possible (other than Jungle) to afford the top tier of players (FLY/TL/C9). Of all lineup slots, Allorim was my favorite IMT player after seeing him put up 43 points in an 0-2 week. Paired with him being the lowest priced IMT non-Support player, I was sold.

Other considerations: TL Impact ($240k), DIG Lourlo ($130k), FLY Solo ($300k)

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Jungler: DIG Dardoch vs IMT & FLY ($130k)

This is where my plans took a hard left turn. Like I said, I wanted to go IMT heavy to open up money for stars (I was hoping to get Santorin/Blaber here). Then the more I researched Dardoch, the more I fell in love. Top 3 among LCS Junglers in KP, DPM, and DMG%. What really sold me on him though, was the realization that pairing this ultra-budget pick with budget-Allorim allowed me to go after absolutely anybody I wanted across my final 4 positions, grabbing (what I consider) Top 2 options at each position.

Other considerations: TL Broxah ($270k), FLY Santorin ($340k)

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Mid: FLY PowerOfEvil vs 100 & DIG ($360k)

This was the first player I put in my lineup, and I never had a reason to take him out. He already has 6 games with 6+ Kills this split, and I can see him easily adding 2 more this weekend. The Mid player at the same price, Nisqy, only has 1 of those games.

Captain Pick: It was close between here and Bot (may still edit), but POE on Orianna is an absolute lock. Even if POE isn’t the highest scorer on my team, I expect the most Kills from him.

Other considerations: None

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TL Tactical vs CLG & GG ($340k)

Pairing this pick with my Team, if TL is going to go 2-0 this week, it will absolutely be on the back of Tactical. He doesn’t quite have the floor of Zven (who I preferred) but has the upside. TL has my top-ranked schedule of the week, and I just put their leader in Kills and Points to my lineup, nothing to be sad about here.

Other considerations: C9 Zven $360k, IMT Apollo $260k, FLY Mash $320k

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Support: FLY Ignar vs 100 & DIG ($190k)

I got my #1 ranked Mid, #2 ranked Bot, and now my #1 ranked Support! One of the biggest lessons learned so far this split for me has been my perspective on Supports. With it being so volatile (the only position that consistently scores less than 10), it boosts the value of the top-end players that can outscore your Jungler/Top. Ignar has finished as a Top 3 Support in 3 different weeks already, and this is the most guaranteed week of them all.

Other considerations: IMT Hakuho $100k, CLG Smoothie $90k

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Team: Team Liquid vs CLG & GG ($300k)

I reeeeally wanted Flyquest here, but couldn’t open up the extra money. However, I am still pleased about TL because they are my floor for teams I strongly believe will go 2-0. FLY/C9 Teams are a little nicer because they prioritize objectives more in wins, but you won’t hear me ever complain about a 2-0 week of points.

Other considerations: Immortals $230k, Flyquest $320k, Dignitas $140k

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