The Analyst's Lineup: Week 4

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To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

P.S: This week was the hardest yet of the season… Hard to the point where I may be tweaking up to lock-in on Friday!

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Top: 100 Ssumday vs GG & DIG ($290k)

I am not nervous about putting Ssumday in my lineup for the 2nd straight week. He has the highest carry potential of any Top Laner in the LCS or LEC, something I feel even more confident about him achieving since 100 has been giving him carry champions. The schedule is as good as it can get and Ssumday can easily lead the position and his entire team in scoring.

Other considerations: TSM Broken Blade $280k, RGE Finn $230k, TL Impact $200k, G2 Wunder $310k

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Jungler: 100 Contractz vs GG & DIG ($170k)

The Contractz and Poome picks go hand-in-hand. I had an expensive taste at Top/Mid/Bot/Team this week, and the two new 100 Thieves players allow me to afford it. Picking these two is completely based around their amazing schedule (my #1 rated schedule of the week), but Contractz even has pro experience that reduces some of my worry of completely bottoming out.

Other considerations: TL Broxah $220k, FNC Selfmade $280k

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Mid: MAD Humanoid vs S04 & MSF ($330k)

I rank MAD’s schedule as the 2nd best of the week, and I would put my money on Humanoid to lead the team in scoring. Just like Bot this week, this decision was so difficult because of all the amazing options so close in price. I strongly considered going up to Caps/Bjergsen or down to Larssen/Ryoma, but ended up settling on the player I most confidently see going 2-0 while leading his team in Kills.

Captain Pick: With the patch coming in this week, I would like to avoid making Bot my captain. Having a very strong Mid with a predictable Champion pool allows me to make this move with confidence. All but one of Humanoid’s games have come on Azir or Orianna.

Other considerations: TSM Bjergsen $350k, RGE Larssen $320k, G2 Caps $360k, 100 Ryoma $310k

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Bot: C9 Zven $330,000 (vs CLG & DIG)

Another tight pick, I ended up going with the ultimate rock in Zven. He is the safest source of two 20+ point games in the LCS/LEC, which will be nice to offset the risk I’m taking with the two 100T rookies. I could still tweak up to DL or down to Tactical depending on what I do with Team, a last-minute decision I must make. I also looked at P1noy and Hans Sama right away but ended up having more money than I expected, so I spent it all (like any human would).

Other considerations: TSM Doublelift $350k, TL Tactical $310k, G2 P1noy $260k, RGE Hans Sama $260k, 100 Cody Sun $290k

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Support: 100 Poome $80,000 (vs GG & DIG)

This was an odd pick because it has absolutely nothing to do with the player. Poome hasn’t even been a ‘pro’ for 6 months, and I have never watched him play as he is about to make his LCS debut. This is completely about the situation and price. I see a Support that costs $80k on a team that should go 2-0 this week. That is an easy win in my book. I am taking a lot of risk by triple-stacking 100 Thieves, but don’t feel as uneasy about it since it includes two very budget players.

Other considerations: VIT Labrov $100k, TL CoreJJ $140k

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Team: MAD Lions $300,000 (vs S04 & MSF)

If I am to change any pick, this would be the one. There are a lot of strong options in the $270k-$310k range. Out of teams in that range, I see MAD Lions as the most guaranteed 2-0, decreasing the risk of me getting anything less than 50 points from my Team. However, the most I could/may make is taking a little more risk and going down to a FNC/100T/EG, to open up another $20k-$30k for a Mid/Bot edit. Although those teams come with a little more risk, they will score the same as MAD if they go 2-0. It really comes down to how much risk I feel like I am taking.

Other considerations: FNC $280k, RGE $280k, EG $270k, 100 $280k

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