The Analyst's Lineup: Week 3

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To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

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Top: 100 Ssumday $270,000 (vs CLG & TSM)

In tandem with my Mid, this was my last decision made. When I decided I was not going to downgrade my Top to XL Kryze in order to afford POE/Nisqy, the decision was then between Ssumday and Kumo. I think Kumo is safer since EG has a great 2-0 set up, but Kumo hasn’t even reached 17 points in a game in his last 2 wins. I know for a fact that if 100 gets a 2-0 week, Ssumday will average 20+ and is the only Top Laner in the LCS that can even lead his team in points.

Other considerations: EG Kumo $270k, FLY Solo $280k, XL Kryze $220k, G2 Wunder $300k

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Jungler: FLY Santorin $330,000 (vs CLG & GG)

I instantly plugged Santorin into my lineup when they opened and never found a reason to remove him. FLY has the best schedule on the slate, and the fact that he has the 2nd highest Kill Participation in the LCS (1st among Junglers) gives me the confidence that he will be part of almost every Kill in the 2-0 stomp.

Captain Pick: I don’t quite trust Jiizuke or Patrik to stay on 2 Champs this week as they each have played a variety already. So the fact that Santorin’s last 3 wins have come across 2 Champions paired with my confidence in him being able to score as much as my other positions made it a clear Captain.

Other considerations: 100 Meteos $220k, G2 Jankos $330k

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Mid: EG Jiizuke $320,000 (vs TSM & DIG)

This was the most difficult decision of the lineup and directly tied into my Top budget. I started with Nukeduck, which afforded me Wunder, but came around to Jiizuke based on the fact that EG will go 2-0 and OG can easily drop a game to MAD Lions. Also, Nukeduck could be outscored by 3 of his own teammates. Then the question was whether I downgrade Top to afford POE or Nisqy. Although I don’t think Jiizuke will outscore either of those 2, I know it is possible (as he did in Week 1). So being able to spend more on a high-upside Top brings on risk, but gives me a realistic chance to win the week.

Other considerations: FLY PowerOfEvil $350k, OG Nukeduck $270k, C9 NIsqy $370k

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Bot: XL Patrik $250,000 (vs S04 & MSF)

After Santorin, Patrick was my next lock in the lineup. I love XL’s schedule (as I think they can/should beat Misfits) but feel strongly that the XL’s Bot lane is the only area worth investing in, as proven by the fact that Patrik got 10 of the team’s 18 Kills in their lone win. The fact that I can only spend $250k on a Bot Laner gave me so much flexibility elsewhere.

Other considerations:  FLY Mash $290k

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Support: XL Tore $110,000 (vs S04 & MSF)

Doubling down on the XL Bot Lane. I want a Support who is very involved, and Tore leads all LEC starters in Kill Participation. If XL goes 2-0, like I think they can, it will be through the Bot Lane. I initially had 100 Stunt in here but didn’t want to try to hedge my bets and split up my Bot lane. The savings I would get with MSF Doss open up a lot of possibilities, but at this point, I committed to the idea of XL going 2-0 and don’t want to pick against it.

Other considerations: 100 Stunt $110k, MSF Doss $90k

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Team: Excel Esports $220,000 (vs S04 & MSF)

A guaranteed win (S04) and a coin-flip (MSF) means that I have a 50% chance of getting a 2-0 team for $220k. I will take that. It also helps that I believe in XL beating MSF. GG is a strong pick with also having a guaranteed win, but their shot at a second win is more of a needle in a haystack than a coin-flip. All other strong chances at a 2-0 were just too pricy for me.

Other considerations: Golden Guardians $230k, 100 Thieves $250k

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