The Analyst's Lineup: Week 2

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To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

LoL top lane icon

Top: OG Alphari vs XL & FNC ($300k)

This was a tough week for lineup building. The more I evaluated my options for Top, the more uneasy I got. Lots of low-floor and low-ceiling players, so I ended up paying up for one of the two safest options at the position. I actually put in Alphari over Licorice at the last minute, because I think Alphari can outscore him even in a 1-1 week.

Other considerations: C9 Licorice ($320k), FNC Bwipo ($280k), SK Jenax ($210k), RGE Finn ($240k)

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Jungler: FLY Santorin vs TSM & DIG ($260k)

This one caught me by surprise, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Initially, I planned on going budget at Jungler with Wiggily, but as I gained confidence in POE as my Mid Laner, the more I was enticed by FLY’s Week 2 set up. Santorin is also a very unique player as he is the only Jungler that I would confidently put money on to be one of the Top 2 scorers on his own team.

Other considerations: CLG Wiggily ($200k), SK Trick ($210k)

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid: FLY PowerOfEvil vs TSM & DIG ($310k)

POE is the main source of Kills on the team that just finished 2nd in the LCS in Spring. He was a Top 2 finisher in Points per Game at the position in Spring, and Week 1 made it clear he isn’t slowing down. I was fully ready to use Nemesis here as I saw Fnatic as the 2nd most likely team to go 2-0 this week (behind C9). However, Nemesis will never lead his team in Kills like POE will, and FLY has a very likely chance of going 2-0 themselves. If they beat TSM like they should (sorry TSM truthers), POE and Santorin will be BIG for me.

Other considerations: FNC Nemesis ($310k), RGE Larssen ($290k), SK ZaZee ($220k)

LoL bot lane icon

RGE Hans Sama vs VIT & G2 ($260k)

Paired with the $20k that my Licorice to Alphari swap opened up, I upgraded from Crownshot to Hans Sama here. I am now going all-in on the RGE Bot Lane as they have a very stable floor with likely win against VIT and massive upside if they take down G2 (which Week 1 performances show they should). Hans Sama actually deserves more respect. His 45 point Game 3 performance (highest of any player in Week 1) did not count for scoring, hiding how great he can truly be.

Captain Pick: It is odd to Captain your T-3rd most expensive player, but the odds of Hans Sama playing Aphelios or Ezreal is just too high.

Other considerations: SK Crownshot ($240k), MSF Kobbe ($320k)

LoL Support Icon

Support: RGE Vander vs VIT & G2 ($150k)

Prepared to go budget with Smoothie, I was able to spend up to Vander as money opened up in Bot. Vander is the ideal Support as he is extremely involved in fights (Top 5 KP in LEC) and is on a winning team (T-1st in LEC). Pairing him with his lane buddy brings risk, but I am relaxed knowing that it would be shocking for them to go without a single win this week. If everything goes right in a win over G2, well, then this risk paid off handsomely. Safe floor with high upside, me likey.

Other considerations: CLG Smoothie ($110k), SK Limit ($120k),

Team: SK Gaming vs MSF & XL ($220k)

SK Gaming playstyle is a lot better for the Team from a Fantasy perspective than it is for Players. SK went 2-0 in their first two games by winning through objectives. Even in a 29-minute win vs S04, they killed 2 Rift Heralds and 4 Dragons. I fully expect SK to beat XL, giving the team a good base of points for the week. I expect the MSF game to be challenging, but know that SK will find objectives whether they win or lose. Another great case of safety with an upside that you don’t have to squint hard to see.

Other considerations: Counter Logic Gaming ($240k)