The Analysts Lineup: Week 1

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Everybody here at E1 loves our users, but I actually love them the most (don’t listen to what anybody else says). How much? Well instead of giving you just a peek behind the curtain at me making my lineup, I am just leaving the door wide open and letting you on in. Half the fun of playing E1 Fantasy is talking through building your lineup with other LoL fans.

Now remember, just because I have a large part in determining the salaries for all players, doesn’t mean I have a crystal ball and can tell you their KDA. Oftentimes, I am just covering my eyes and throwing darts like everybody else. However, there is a ton of thought and strategy that goes into building a lineup, so hopefully my thought process gives you some insight to use for your own. GLHF!

*If you copy this lineup and it fails, it is not my fault. If you copy it and it tops the leaderboard, then you owe me your winnings.*

The analysts lineup week 1 summer 2020
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Top: S04 Odoamne vs VIT & SK ($240k)

Odoamne Schalke 04

As a whole, the Top position is the most scarce position in terms of dependable fantasy options. After surveying the field, Odoamne was the perfect balance of price and upside, mainly based on matchups. I expect a 2-0 week from S04 and people don’t realize Odoamne was 4th in Kills among Top lakers in the LEC in Spring, the 3 above him all being $290k+.

Other considerations: EG Kumo ($240k), RGE Finn ($260k)

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Jungler: S04 Lurox vs VIT & SK ($130)

Lurox Schalke 04

This was an absolute lock for me. Lurox was actually my first pick and the player I built my entire strategy around. Even though I do take a little more risk with pairing him with Odoamne if they flop, I am fine taking that risk in order to reap the rewards (which I expect S04 winning through Top being more likely anyways). Taking advantage of ‘Who Will Stat?’ price reductions like this are rare, but set up for amazing money flexibility.

Other considerations: G2 Jankos ($360k), MAD Shadow ($300k), TSM Spica ($220k)

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Mid: G2 Caps vs MAD & OG ($380k)

The only reason I was able to even consider Caps here was because of Lurox. I am kind of chasing a narrative with this pick and my next pick, but often times that is how you get the highest scoring lineup. Find a storyline you believe in and stack your roster to benefit the most from it. Here I am figuring that G2 will have to work hard for their 2 wins (against strong competition) and Caps will show off in his return to Mid.

Other considerations: TSM Doublelift ($280k), EG Bang ($280k), FNC Rekkles ($370k)

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Bot: G2 Perkz vs MAD & OG ($380k)

perkz g2 esports

The thought process here is really identical to Caps, but in a slightly more difficult fashion because I liked a lot of other Bot options more than I did Mid options. I strongly considered going down to Doublelift or Bang to save $100k. However, I opted not to after realizing that I don’t think I could benefit enough by spending that money at other positions, so I stuck with the player I predict will lead the position. Pairing Perkz and Caps can cap upside, but I am more prone to take that on in a week where they are going against two top 4 LEC teams.

Captain Pick: Week 1 is awful for captains since we have no split info. I made Perkz my captain because I expect him to be my highest scorer, and tried to play it safe with just picking a Champion that I know will be played this week (Aphelios). I like picking the same Champion for both games for my Captain. It may reduce my chance of getting the double bonus, but I just want to try to guarantee one. May still tinker with it.

Other considerations:  EG Jiizuke ($260k), FNC Nemesis ($320k)

LoL Support Icon

Support: TSM Biofrost vs TL & DIG ($140k)

Biofrost TSM

You will never see me leave Support empty. I understand the thought process of doing so, but the reason I choose not to may come as a surprise. I know Supports scores are low, but I always buy one because I feel confident in my ability to find points among the depth of other positions. If I can confidently find strong alternatives to studs at other positions and save ~$30k each, well that affords my Biofrost. Buying Biofrost is a more cost-effective way of buying the idea of Doublelift having a strong TSM debut.

Other considerations: GG Huhi ($100k), FNC Hylissang ($190k)

Team: FC Schalke 04 vs VIT & SK ($230k)

Schalke 04 Logo

I have one go-to strategy for picking a Team that I like to stick with: How far can I scroll down to find a team that will go 2-0? Sometimes I can’t get less than $300k for this, sometimes, like this, I can get all the way down to $230k. I strongly considered trying to open up $10k at another position to buy Evil Geniuses here (since I see them as more of a 2-0 lock). However, I chose not to do that because I have already invested so heavily in a S04 2-0 week with Odoamne and Lurox, that it would limit my upside to hedge my bets. Hedging bets can give you a safer ‘good’ lineup, but I want the top scoring lineup.

Other considerations: Evil Geniuses ($240k), Team SoloMid ($280k)

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