The Analysts Lineup: Playoffs Week 4

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Important Playoff Updates:

  • Lineups lock this SATURDAY @ 8 AM PT
  • The winners of the Lower Bracket games move on for a second series in the Finals, this is called the Second Dinner schedule.
  • To account for the Best of 5 Series’, we take the 3 highest game scores for each player for their fantasy scores on the week
  • See Playoff Rules & Scoring for all changes: Read Here

To help provide some insight on the thought process that goes into building a lineup, I am (so graciously) sharing my actual lineup with you and talking through my decisions. There are many factors and strategies to consider when filling each slot, so hopefully, my perspective can help shed some light on your own! And besides, talking lineups with other fans is one of the best parts of E1 Fantasy! GLFH!

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Top: FNC Bwipo vs Winner of RGE/G2 ($190k)

With only the best teams available and the possibility of only 2 teams having winning series’, this week is tough! Prices are tight across the board. However, if you go super-budget at one position, it can open up SO MANY DOORS. So I’m not thrilled with Bwipo, but the fact that he is the only non-Support under $200k and did just defeat the team I expect him to go against (G2), I can get behind the strategy of including him. The fact that FNC has a better chance of winning than RGE is why I chose him over RGE Finn, but ideally, I would’ve had FLY Solo or G2 Wunder here.

Other considerations: FLY Solo ($250k), G2 Wunder ($270k), RGE Finn ($210k)

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Jungler: TL Broxah vs TSM & FLY if they win ($280k)

This is very much a schedule play here with TL’s Second Dinner set up. I see a clean win over TSM for Broxah, followed by an opportunity to pad the stats against FLY. Jungler is very difficult this week as you can make a strong case for anybody on the slate, but of all Junglers, Broxah has the highest chance to win a series and has scored 25+ points in 4 of the 5 wins. G2 Jankos seems like a great option, but if you have seen any of my past articles during playoffs, Jankos’ lack of high scoring games is frightening.

Other considerations: G2 Jankos ($260k), RGE Inspired ($230k)

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Mid: FLY PowerOfEvil vs Winner of TSM/TL ($310k)

POE is the main source of Kills on the team that just finished 2nd in the LCS in Spring. He was a Top 2 finisher in Points per Game at the position in Spring, and Week 1 made it clear he isn’t slowing down. I was fully ready to use Nemesis here as I saw Fnatic as the 2nd most likely team to go 2-0 this week (behind C9). However, Nemesis will never lead his team in Kills like POE will, and FLY has a very likely chance of going 2-0 themselves. If they beat TSM like they should (sorry TSM truthers), POE and Santorin will be BIG for me.

Other considerations: RGE Larssen ($320k), G2 Claps ($330k)

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Bot: G2 Perkz vs RGE & FNC if they win ($320k)

After realizing that TL Tactical’s price would be just out of reach, Perkz was a very clear option. He shares Kills more than I would like, but he topped 20 points in 4 games even in a losing series. His Champion pool has also become extremely predictable, making him even more valuable in a lineup as a Captain. But mainly, yeah, he is just really damn good. If he gets 2 winning series’ this weekend, he will lead all players.

Captain Pick: After playing an entire 5-game series against FNC with only playing Senna or Ashe, this was an easy decision.

Other considerations: TL Tactical ($330k), FLY WildTurtle ($300k)

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Support: G2 Mikyx vs RGE & FNC if they win ($130k)

As crazy as it would have been to have Bwipo and FNC Hylissang in the same lineup, I was very close to doing it… I need my Support to get wins, and the top 4 priced options are the 4 most likely to get them. However, Hylissang has shown that he is a complete liability in a losing script, so Mikyx’s Second Dinner schedule makes the $20k worth it. TL CoreJJ and FLY Ignar are great options too, but if G2 wins (which I am betting on), I don’t need the most expensive player of the tier to be happy.

Other considerations: FNC Hylissang ($110k), FLY Ignar ($150k), TL CoreJJ ($160k)

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Team: Flyquest vs Winner of TL/TSM ($260k)

People seem to be sleeping on the fact the FLY might just go and win the entire LCS, and should be seen as the favorite to do so. Ignoring that as an option, this pick showed a change of strategy for me when picking a Team. Usually, I target only winners. This time I was targeting teams that I knew could get me 2 wins, with the upside of getting all 3. That brought me to FLY & FNC, both at prices that let me focus on my players. Even just getting 2 wins and a competitive loss will be plenty here for me.

Other considerations: FNC ($240k), RGE ($220k), TL ($280k)

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