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The Future of Competitive Viewing

Introducing E1 Fantasy Ranked

What is Ranked?

Up until now, the main indicator of fantasy skill has been your movement on the leaderboard, which is based on points scored alone. Ranked is a REAL indication of your fantasy skill, and how you stack up against the pack.

How Is My Rank Calculated?​

Your Rank, aka how good you are at Fantasy LoL, is calculated by tracking a range of data points about your performance throughout the season and comparing them to all other players on the platform.

Each rank (e.g. Silver, Gold) is a grouping of people with similar skill. For example, if you were placed in the Silver Rank, then you share a similar skill level with other Silver players.

What are the Ranks?

![Ranked Fantasy League of Legends|1833x394](upload://QohtHfyDcRY53sOArKJAESi30u.jpeg)