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The Future of Competitive Viewing

Introducing E1 Fantasy Ranked

What is ranked?

Up until now, the main indicator of fantasy skill has been your movement on the leaderboard, which is based on points scored alone. Ranked is a REAL indication of your fantasy skill, and how you stack up against the pack.

How Is My Rank Calculated?

Your Rank, aka how good you are at Fantasy LoL, is calculated by tracking a range of data points about your performance throughout the season and comparing them to all other players on the platform.

Each rank (e.g. Silver, Gold) is a grouping of people with similar skill. For example, if you were placed in the Silver Rank, then you share a similar skill level with other Silver players.

rank list


Tier 0


Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Tier 5


Tier 6


Tier 7

Your Ranking

Getting Started

To start, just save your first fantasy lineup! After the week’s matches are scored, you’ll be placed in your starting Rank (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).

Your Rank is the indicator of your fantasy skill, so to climb you must continually perform; both compared to yourself and the rest of the league. This works both ways, so if you’re underperforming, expect to drop in Rank.

Breaking Down The Details:
// Not saving a lineup will cause your Rank to decrease (or potentially drop a tier).
// Your rank updates each week of the season.
// Continually perform better than other players in the league and your Rank will climb.
// You can’t climb or drop more than 2 Ranks in a single week.

Promotion & Demotions

Platinum Ranked Fantasy LoL


Every week if you play well, you stand the chance to be promoted to the next ranking


But if you have a bad week or don’t set a lineup, then you stand the chance to be.. Demoted!

If your Rank moves up or down within the same tier (e.g. you have a decent week and move higher in Silver, but don’t promote to Gold) you’ll see an up or down arrow without “Promoted” or “Demoted”.

How do i see my rank?

  • On the Homepage – See your current Rank and whether you moved up or down from the previous week.
  • In your Weekly Results – You’ll see this automatically when a new week of fantasy begins, and can always get back to it from the “My Results” button on the homepage.
  • In the Leaderboard – See how you stack up against everyone else’s rank in the global leaderboard, and any private leaderboards you have joined.
Ranked Homepage Modal ranks_grade_A (1)


Performance Grades

Possible Grades: S+, S, S-, A, B, C, D.

Each week of the season you’ll receive a letter Grade along with your Rank update in your Weekly Results. While your Rank represents your fantasy skill throughout the season, the Grade you receive each week is a measure of how you compared to all other players THAT WEEK.

The Details

Fantasy LoL Letter Grade

// Grades are percentile-driven.
// If you earn a high Grade, that means you performed in the top x% of fantasy players that week.
// Grades are specific to each week of the fantasy league, not cumulative.
// Highest Grade = S+ Reserved for fantasy players that absolutely smashed the competition.
// Lowest Grade = D Get this and you probably had a pretty difficult week.

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