Product Updates: March 2020

Originally published at: Product Updates: March 2020: Social Sharing and Live Scoring! | Esports One

Patch Notes 1.2 kicks off with great news: The LEC and LCS are back! This means the battle for E1 Fantasy glory has re-commenced!

Welcome to Patch Notes 1.2 for E1 Fantasy, if you aren’t playing yet 👉Click Here👈

Overview: Patch Notes 1.2

We have been working non-stop to grow the platform and we are excited to share these amazing updates with you:

Playoffs Format
Live Scoring is Here

Watch Twitch Embeds

Social Sharing

New Player Icons
View Other Peoples Lineups & Compare Scores

We will also take you through some Minor Updates & Bug Fixes!

Playoffs Format (Patch 1.2)

With the LEC and LCS Playoffs fast approaching we published our Playoffs Scoring & Format article, Playoffs wont start for another two weeks, but we are letting you know early.

TLDR? Let’s summarize it:

  • Best of 5’s instead of single games
  • We use the top 3 highest scores for each player
  • Captain picks are flexible so you will score the bonus in any of the games they play your Champions
  • No weekly prizes due to smaller player pool

Patch Notes 1.2 - ready for playoffs

Live Scoring is Here

We were so excited to announce live scoring last week, unfortunately the LEC and LCS was temporarily postponed so we weren’t able to show you it in action…

…Great news is we will all get to watch it in action this weekend!

Watch Twitch Embeds

This is one of our favorite releases of this week!

You can now click on the ‘Match Schedule’ above the list of players and stats. When a game is live the Twitch stream will appear.

This means you can watch your score update in realtime while watching the game in the same place!

If you want to level up your viewing experience even more, we also have a super active Discord community that you can chat to while the games are happening!

Social Sharing

Patch Notes 1.2 is excited to share you can now share your lineup on social media! All you have to do is click the button under your existing lineup. We were going to show you what it looks like after, but didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

This feature may have come at the perfect time, as your friends are inside and on Social Media 24/7.

New Player Icons

You may have noticed that we rolled out our new player icons.

This was a creative solution to a problem we faced, unfortunately for legal reasons we aren’t able to use the LEC player images. While we are working on a fix, we wanted to ensure that we didn’t just have a silhouette for each LEC player.

We appreciate you understanding and hope you enjoy our fun take

👀 View Peoples Lineups & Compare Scores

This was a super popular product feature request on our Roadmap (check it out). You could see a request in the next Patch Notes 1.2 (which will be 1.3)

You can now check other peoples lineups to see who they have been picking each week. All you have to do is go to any Leaderboard and click on their name. You can also check out other peoples scores and compare how you matched up week on week against them.

Patch Notes 1.2 Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

Minor Updates

  • Added button to view Change-Log
  • Added Discord link
  • You can add descriptions on new Private Leaderboards
  • The schedule now defaults to the current day

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t scroll all the way down to see the last player in the list in the player pool.
  • Fixed an issue where lineups weren’t being displayed for some users when clicking their names.
  • Tooltips have been added back when hovering your mouse over the stat names in the Stats drawer.
  • Social icons are now hidden if nothing was entered for them when viewing other user profiles.
  • Fixed the stats drawer so it can no longer slide out past the width of the page.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t including captain bonuses in the score when viewing other people’s lineups.
  • Fixed an issue that was pushing the lineup SAVE button beneath the page, making it hard to find.
  • Fixed an issue with the leaderboard where the description wasn’t showing on initial load.

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