Product Updates: July 2020

Originally published at: Product Update July 2020 | Esports One

For our July updates, there are some awesome additions to the platform including a rule change (you’ll love this) and player alert icons! Get ready to love the platform even more!

Rule Change

Our goal is always to make sure everybody using our site has an incredible experience. Something that makes for a bad experience is the feeling of losing without ever having a chance to win. It can be tricky to incorporate two Regions (LCS & LEC) into one contest. One difficulty is that not all roster information/news is made clear from teams of each league by the time E1 Fantasy Roster spots lock. To combat this issue, we are implementing a new rule called ‘Starter Insurance.’

Starter Insurance: If a player that we displayed as a starter when lineups lock (more info below) does not play at all over a weekend, he will be given 75% of the points scored by the substitute(s) that plays in his place.

We want to avoid the terrible feeling of a player of yours never even receiving the ability to accrue points for your lineup because of an announcement/news that you never had the ability to account for when building your lineup. We feel that this rule change does a great job of preventing users from having their experience ruined, while still allowing them to learn how to play fantasy.

Player Status Icons

In tandem with Starter Insurance, we are adding more clarity to our platform to assign players as starters/subs and track breaking news quicker. Starters are not marked with any icons. For non-starters and players with breaking news about them, we will mark them with the below icons.

player alert icon 2

Red Arrows: This marks a substitute player that is not expected to play

player alert icon 3

Green Arrows: This marks a substitute player that got promoted to the starting lineup after lineups become live, and is expected to play

player alert icon 1

Red Triangle: This primarily marks when a starter is demoted down to substitute after lineups become live. This icon also tracks all breaking news of a player that affects their playing status. 

player alert icon 4

Blue Umbrella: This marks a player that will be awarded points for Starter Insurance.

No Mark: Starters that are expected to play both games will have no icon

Additional Notes

  • We will not make any changes to starter/sub status within 30 minutes of lock time, so if benching news breaks within 30 minutes of lock time, the player would be eligible for Insurance
  • We will not go back and add points to occurrences in previous weeks
  • Starter Insurance only kicks in if the starter misses ALL games (if they play at all, they only get the points they scored)
  • This rules will also be used in playoffs with the same requirements (marked as a starter at lock time, does not play at all)