Product Updates: January 2020

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Howdy folks, welcome to Patch Notes 1.0! We thought you might want to know what we have been updating on the platform! We will release a patch update article every few days, but if you are super excited we have a living change log that you can follow here

 Patch Notes 1.0 will discuss these updates:
👾Bug Fixes
🧮Score Adjustments
👊Update: Lineup Improvements
📊Update: Stats and Sorting
🤖Discord Bot
❓ Update: FAQ 

Now sit back, relax and enjoy our patch notes. 

Bug Fixes

A toast to our beta testers, who helped us find and fix these bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where some LoL player’s points were being given to other players. 
  • Fixed a bug where users could edit their lineup after they were locked in (they could never save those edits though, don’t worry!)
  • Fixed a login issue that caused the app to load indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where you’d see one user’s profile info on other user profiles.
  • Renamed “Gistick” to “Kaiser” just in time!
  • Fixed an issue with the product tutorial that prevented users from completing it if lineups are locked in.

If you spot a bug you can message us on Discord, the chat on E1 Fantasy or here.

Score Adjustments

We wanted to update you on score adjustments in Patch Notes 1.0 in case anyone freaked out last week. Each week we will check to make sure the scores are correct, then make any adjustments needed. If the points of one of your players change, it either means the player didn’t actually earn them or they were shortchanged.  We need the scores to be 100% correct and promise it’s not just our engineering team memeing you 😉

Update: Lineup Improvements

We got some feedback from the community as well as added a few things we felt we were missing.

  • Added Previous Week: We added the ‘Previous Week’ score to accompany the ‘This Week’ score. This will allow players to track how they are trending and help build hype when you are improving week on week.
  • Added Points Earned Per Game: Previously we showed the ‘Points Per Game’ and then the players ‘Total Points’ for that week. We had some feedback that the community would like to see the ‘Game 1’ and ‘Game 2’ breakdown as well as the total score.If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them 👉 Submit Request

Update: Stats and Sorting

We made the following improvements to the Stats Drawer:

  • You can sort by any stat by clicking the column name. This will make it much easier to see who is the best/worst for particular stats.
  • 2020 stats added for players and teams. We’ll be updating this regularly throughout the season.

Discord Bot (OneBot)

This is the most awesomest tool for your E1 Fantasy experience.

OneBot has a ton of features including:

  • The ability to check your leaderboard standings.
  • E1 Fantasy notifications for new content or product updates.

📝 Read the full updates and how to use OneBot here.

➕ Add OneBot to your Discord server here.

Update: FAQ

How do I add E1 Fantasy to my phone’s home screen?

  • On iPhone: Open in Safari. Click the middle share icon at the bottom of the screen, then scroll down to “Add to Home Screen”.
  • On Android (ex. Pixel 2): Open in Chrome. Tap the three vertical dots at the top-right and select “Add to Home screen”.

Why can’t I see player portraits for LEC players?

Due to strict EU privacy laws and legal restrictions regarding LEC players’ personal information, we are currently unable to show LEC player portraits.

Full FAQ here.

Thanks again to everyone that helped contribute to anything mentioned in Patch Notes 1.0! ❤️️

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