Playoffs: Format & Scoring

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Even though the LCS and LEC regular seasons are wrapped up, that doesn’t mean that the E1 Fantasy experience is taking a break for the LEC/LCS Playoffs format! Every week of playoffs is a chance to win our weekly prizes, or even keep adding on to your season total to get our partner’s Seasonal Grand Prizes!

Playoffs will run slightly different to the regular season so we are here to explain. There are a few main points we will discuss:

  • Format
  • Scoring
  • Salaries
  • Captains Picks
  • When to Set Lineups
  • Weekly Prizes

LEC/LCS Playoffs Format

Playoffs work slightly different than the regular season, with a few major differences including:

  • Best of 5 matches instead of Best of 1
  • Knockout Structure
  • Less Teams = Smaller Player Pool

What does it mean for E1 Fantasy?

We have you covered, we have made the transition as smooth as possible. Each week of the we will provide you with the match schedule and the pool of players for which you can choose. Therefore, you will be able to carry on as usual with limited changes to the experience for the LEC/LCS Playoffs Format.


The Scoring System is unchanged, but we are taking a slightly new strategy in identifying the games that count towards scoring to accompany the Best of 5 format in the playoffs, switching from the Best of 1.

We will now take the highest 3 scores for each player or team from their weekend’s matches. 

Example (see image): You have picked Nisqy and Cloud9 is versing Team Liquid resulting in all 5 games being played. We would take Nisqy’s highest 3 games, which in this example would be game 2, 4 & 5.

Note: We determine the top 3 highest scoring games for a player AFTER captain bonuses have been factored in. 

Example Diagram (Not a screenshot)


Salaries will function the exact same as they did in the regular season. Each week consists of a brand new set of available players and updated Salaries.

When to Set Lineups

Even though lineups will still open Monday morning like they always do, due to the Playoffs Format of each league, the time lineups lock will not be uniform throughout Playoffs. They will still always lock at the start time of the 1st game of the contest, but you have to plan accordingly as the day of the week of the first game changes each week.


Round One: Just LCS
Closes: Thursday 8/13  (at time of 1st match)

Round Two: LCS & LEC

Closes: Thursday 8/20  (at time of 1st match)

Round Three: LCS & LEC
Closes: Friday 8/28  (at time of 1st match)

Round Four (Finals): LCS & LEC

Closes: Saturday 9/5 (at time of 1st match)

Weekly Prizes

All of our Weekly Prizes from the Regular Season are still being offered throughout all of Playoffs! Win some cold hard cash from the E1 Leaderboard or win some gamer swag from our Partners’ Leaderboards! 

Static Scoring throughout playoffs would mean by finals we can’t afford a full team…

static salaries*

If EG loses and then they play against GG in same week, what does that means for points?