Pick and Avoid: Week 6

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What is Pick and Avoid?

We recommend the LoL Fantasy players to pick and avoid in Week 6 of Spring 2020! Who will make this weeks pick and avoid list?

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Pick: Ssumday

Team: 100 Thieves

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: EG & TL

Reasoning: As soon as you want to buy into Ssumday’s flashes of pure skill, 100 Thieves tanks a game and takes away his chances of popping off. This week is one of the better chances for Ssumday’s team to not hold him back, rather lean on him to carry up top even more. 

Avoid: Impact

Team: Team Liquid

Cost: $230,000

Opponents: TSM & 100

Reasoning: Nope, not going to do it. Not going to try to find more glimmers of hope in a Team Liquid outlook. I’ve tried out all the reasons and I can’t even think of any more.


Pick: Xmithie

Team: Immortals

Cost: $200,000

Opponents: GG & CLG

Reasoning: Immortals has shown that the sum is much more powerful than its parts, as the IMT Team has had more production than any of its players. But Xmithie is a very talented ‘part’ and has the matchups to prove it this week.

Avoid: Broxah

Team: Team Liquid

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: TSM & 100

Reasoning: Still not giving in… Nope. I’m out. I’d rather be wrong on this call than wrong in my lineup.leaving him out of the LoL Fantasy Champion Picks Week 6 Spring 2020.


Pick: Humanoid

Team: MAD Lions

Cost: $260,000

Opponents: VIT & XL

Reasoning: MAD Lions built around Humanoid for a reason. He has a good average points per game, even with 4 losses on the season. And you know what? Let’s just say I fully expect MAD Lions to only have 4 losses come Monday…

Avoid: Nemesis

Team: Fnatic

Cost: $330,000

Opponents: MSF & S04

Reasoning: Last week was the absolute BEST case scenario for Fnatic. Every single player went off! Except, Nemesis… In a 100% perfect week for Fnatic, Nemesis can’t even crack top 2 at his position? You don’t want your mid laner playing Ornn… best advice in the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 6 Spring 2020.


Pick: Carzzy

Team: MAD Lions

Cost: $310,000

Opponents: VIT & XL

Reasoning: Like I said with Humanoid, I love the MAD matchups this week. Carzzy is a sneaky good play too. Everybody seems to focus on the Big 3 at Bot (Caps, Zven, Rekkles), overlooking and disrespecting the fact that Carzzy has the same upside.

Avoid: Bvoy

Team: Misfits

Cost: $300,000

Opponents: FNC & SK

Reasoning: The Misfits bandwagon hit a speedbump last week with the win streak ending. Now just as everybody wants to jump back on and act like the loss to Rogue never happened (again) and surging Fnatic team appears. And for that, I am out.


Pick: Ignar

Team: FlyQuest

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: C9 & DIG

Reasoning: This guy just produces every single week. He deserves a LOT more credit as to why FLY is in 2nd in the LCS. C9 matchup is a toughie, but anything can happen in a #1 vs #2 juggernaut battle (even though people aren’t labeling it as such), we notice it in the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 6 Spring 2020.

Avoid: Hylissang

Team: Fnatic

Cost: $230,000

Opponents: MSF & S04

Reasoning: Remember before Week 5 when Hylissang wasn’t even averaging double digit points per game? Pepperidge Farm remembers, and so do we. Week 5 was awesome to see, but I’m not paying for it to happen again.


Pick: Team SoloMid

Cost: $290,000

Opponents: TL & CLG

Reasoning: If you showed me this weekend of matchups before the season started, I would be trying very hard to avoid it. Now… BRING IT ON. Another very strong makeup of a 2-0 weekend for TSM.

Avoid: Fnatic

Cost: $340,000

Opponents: MSF & S04

Reasoning: Before Week 5, people were handing the LEC over to Misfits. Now what, they are handing it to Fnatic? I don’t want to pay this much money for a team that has such a high likelihood of dropping their first game this weekend.

Thank you for reading the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 6 Spring 2020.

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