Pick and Avoid: Week 5

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HALF. WAY. THERE. You have been crushing it so far (I’ll just assume so). You’ve accidentally picked a couple bust, but you have been hitting on most of your sleepers! Let’s channel our inner Clutch Gaming (#RIP) and make a wild second half run and make it through the gauntlet for our share of the $100k prize pool.(LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 5 Spring 2020).

  • Sleeper: Player that is low price or an unpopular selection that will greatly outperform their perceived value
  • Bust: Player that is priced highly or expected to be chosen frequently that will not score enough points to make the investment worthwhile

Top Laners

Sleeper: GG Hauntzer $210,000 vs FLY & 100

Remember back in January when Hauntzer said ‘We aren’t a f***ing 10th place team”? Well y’all should’ve listened to him. GG has really turned a corner over the last couple weeks as the schedule has softened. They have been able to feast on other teams around the .500 line and get another two members of the club this week. After a top 5 finish in Week 4, Haunzter is set up to repeat.(surprised to see Hauntzer on this side of the sleepers & busts list?) .

Bust: FNC Bwipo $270,000 vs RGE & OG

Every week Bwipo’s disappointing 2020 performance slightly brings down the price that his 2019 performance inflated, and each week he fails to live up to his price. I want to believe he can recapture his form, but he hasn’t shown any signs of it. And now his weekend features the same Origen team that blew them out in Week 1, but in the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 5 Spring 2020.


Sleeper: VIT Skeanz $100,000 vs S04 & SK

I’ve diagnosed a new phenomenon in the Fantasy LoL industry known as the ‘Keith Effect.’ When Keith’s price dropped below $100k, his ownership percentage skyrocketed as people paired him with the most important players on the slate. He didn’t produce well, but he let you afford others that did. Skeanz has slid down almost to the same threshold and offers lots of flexibility for a lineup.

Bust: TL Broxah $260,000 vs EG & DIG

The person who was supposed to come save TL’s season ended up causing only despair. Broxah put together a solid game in a Win vs last place CLG, but it is his dud against IMT that scares me for his upcoming fantasy forecast. I hope it was just the jetlag, but I’m not anywhere close to confident enough to pick him this week.

Mid Laners

Sleeper: GG Goldenglue $220,000 vs FLY & 100

GG is making moves! And when GG makes moves, who do they rely on? GG! (Goldenglue) FBI may have led the team in scoring, but Goldenglue was just 2 points off and finished the weekend with a pretty 7/2/13 line. With another similar in difficulty weekend schedule, GG & GG are primed to repeat.

Bust: RGE Larssen $290,000 vs FNC & MSF

Nobody wants to play against the best team in the LEC, Misfits!! Okay it is too early to award that title, but you cannot argue that they are the hottest team in the LEC. Add a matchup with the talented Fnatic team to that and there is zero chance you are making my lineup, harsh realities in the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 5 Spring 2020.

Bot Laners

Sleeper: S04 Innaxe $190,000 vs VIT & XL

Small sample, Risk-Reward, Lottery ticket. Whatever you want to call it, that is Innaxe! We now have a 2-game sample size in 2020 to judge Innaxe off of. One game saw him flop against Rogue, the other saw him embarrass Caps. You choose what you want to believe, but you have to believe there is a very easy path for Innaxe to greatly outperform a $190k pricetag. (it must feel good to see Innaxe on this side of the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 5 Spring 2020).

Bust: MAD Carzzy $280,000 vs MSF & G2

MSF or G2? If the question is ‘who is the better LEC team?’, we would have a good discussion. If the question is ‘who do you want your fantasy lineup facing this weekend?’, the answer is very simple… NEITHER. I will not be picking a Bot laner that I envision going 0-2.(Carzzy fans won’t like to see Carzzy on this side of the sleepers & busts).


Sleeper: FLY Ignar $240,000 vs GG & CLG

How many Supports can say they have ended up top 2 at the position in 2 different weeks? 2! Mikyx and Ignar are the only ones to accomplish the feat in the first half of the season, proving just how much upside Ignar possesses. This isn’t a complete fluke either as it is in line with his 2019 production. Hard to find this much upside at this affordable of a cost.(it feels good to see a Fly player on this side of the sleepers & busts list).

Bust: FNC Hylissang $230,000 vs RGE & OG

By far the most disappointing member of Fnatic so far, Hylisang is the only Support among the 11 most expensive options to have failed to average double digits points per game. Once counted on as one of the three safest options now has to overperform just to hit 10.


Sleeper: Dignitas $150,000 vs IMT & TL

Another week as a sleeper for the potential packed squad. The Notorious D.I.G. earned sleeper appeal last week by facing two .500 squads and already showing in 2020 that DIG is legit. Even though they both aren’t .500, DIG faces two teams that do not strike fear into their opponent. Getting one win would return value for you, but two wins catapults you up the standings.

Bust: Team Liquid $240,000 vs EG & DIG

I keep trying to piece together storylines of how TL can turn it around. My first reaction to identifying them as a Bust on here was even ‘oh but they looked good against CLG and they will have Broxah in NA for the whole week.’ Which made me realize just how deep im digging for any bit of hope for TL turning back into their old selves. I still think it can eventually happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

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