Pick and Avoid: Week 3

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The two most important questions when building your E1 Fantasy Lineup: Who do I pick? Who do I not pick? Well we heard you mumbling these questions to yourself and are giving you some help. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. We are giving you one player/team from each position to target and another one to run as far away from as you possibly can. Choose wisely!

![LoL top lane icon|136x136](upload://o24n5gVUcfUgQ9g20cYH8bG82xk.png)

Top Lane


![alphari Origen|200x158](upload://vuGlsBMirWnZvCjiydfkdY9qFbA.png)

OG Alphari $310,000 (vs MAD & S04)

Alphari is the best Top laner in the LEC and one of the most skilled players overall. He came into Week 2 as the highest-scoring Top laner but was assigned to tank duty (Ornn & Malphite), tanking his numbers. I would bet my entire Yugioh card collection that Alphari won’t end up with a 1:21 Kill to Assist ratio again this week, the Kills will come.


![bwipo fnatic|200x159](upload://pukCRn9wzYrzr0IclGnjHYS8xHT.png)

FNC Bwipo $260,000 (vs RGE & G2)

Always an inconsistent player, but now his team is showing inconsistency, Bwipo carries too much risk.

![LoL Jungler Icon|136x136](upload://3NDdlYncObCXOMVxWiS8V9jAlj7.png)



![santorin flyquest|200x158](upload://jwLCAxI2lchCwjqKtyKVdAENCv8.png)

FLY Santorin $330,000 (vs CLG & GG)

It is sooo hard for me not to put Santorin in my lineup. Other than OG Upset going nuts, Santorin outscored every PLAYER (not just Junglers) in Week 2. The most encouraging stat? He Killed/Assisted on 36 of FLY’s 39 kills (92.3 KP). FLY has the easiest 2-0 week on the slate, so you can expect to see a lot of Kills go their way, and you can bet your tushie that Santorin will be in on the action.


![inspired Rogue|200x158](upload://5HEXRAmFkIowgdq8cwRfmlt7Jwy.png)

RGE Inspired $260,000 (vs FNC & MAD)

Going head-to-head against two top LEC Junglers, Inspired has his hands full as RGE would be happy just getting one win this week.

![LoL Mid Lane Icon|136x136](upload://foX9kDdYKnk2MH1JllqFQINaUUA.png)

Mid Lane


![nukeduck origen no background|200x158](upload://AooqnVVIUihwDExqeMFcLkqWIW9.png)

OG Nukeduck $270,000 (vs MAD & S04)

Upset may be the player that got all the glory in Week 2’s impressive 2-0 finish, but Nukeduck was the team member that outperformed his value the most. OG is set up for an easy win against S04 and then a battle against MAD this week, but OG should be very confident in a tight match after their dominating win over FNC. After being Top 3 at the position in scoring last week, Nukeduck has the same opportunity this week and still costs under $280k.


![bjergsen tsm|200x158](upload://e4TmYK4XzM71QmzngtchPZj44O7.png)

TSM Bjergsen $300,000 (vs EG & 100)

Tank Fiddlesticks? I’ll give him style points but that is not want you want to see on your Fantasy team.

![LoL bot lane icon|136x136](upload://6ayhVg1ttMFnNqMUIRLzd6Yo2v4.png)

Bot Lane


![Kobbe Misfits|200x158](upload://6UPa4LFsAR6lTl9eFoSvk5ZGynt.png)

MSF Kobbe $330,000 (vs VIT & XL)

This is a CRUCIAL week for Misfits. They came into the season with high expectations after bringing in Kobbe and have not lived up to them yet. They have their best set up for a 2-0 week yet, with Kobbe having an especially juicy week. He gets to go against 2 of the 3 best matchups for Bot Laners on the season. This is his last chance to prove that he can be a top EU Bot laner like he says he is.


![Rekkles Fnatic|200x158](upload://y07sVbXGFvqmsAdwUg271BELT0.png)

FNC Rekkles $340,000 (vs RGE & G2)

You don’t want your most expensive player using Soraka!

![LoL Support Icon|136x136](upload://vlSG7eR2lhUEExc2BBTbTRQrOff.png)



![kaiser Mad lions|200x158](upload://1GIBRCgrP9KJZ6MhcrakgEa2LUB.png)

MAD Kaiser $200,000 (vs OG & RGE)

You hate to see your ADC playing Senna, but you LOVE it when you have the Support paired with a Senna in lane. MAD Lions seem to be the only team still taking this strategy, and it has resulted in Kaiser being allowed to fight on Wukong. Kaiser leads all Supports in Kills for this reason; the main reason why he led the position in scoring in Week 2. Having your Support being able to find Kills is a massive bonus, and Kaiser seems to be the only Support doing so right now.


![limit sk gaming|200x158](upload://8JCd3NdlS47higUFVUjBTvqk52K.png)

SK Limit $100,000 (vs G2 & VIT)

Who is dead-last in Kill Participation among LEC Supports? Yup… A disappointed 52.6%



![Golden Guardians Logo|220x280](upload://7FL9vmNkW4l35K2Z7lp0qfvLM9z.png)

Golden Guardians $230,000 (vs IMT & FLY)

You can’t always just try to chase 2-0 weeks. They are rare and unpredictable. Sometimes the best strategy is just to take a budget team with a guaranteed win, and hope they are at least competitive in the 2nd game to grab some extra points. GG fits that bill perfectly. It doesn’t get much more guaranteed with IMT right now, and GG is good enough to take a couple of Towers and Dragons against FLY. They won’t lead the position, but they can help you afford other players who will.


![rogue logo|833x1024](upload://c8nJv7NQb8gqDiY9Lkw5cN7lT9E.png)

Rogue $250,000 (vs FNC & MAD)

The schedule is a LOT tougher than their Week 1 dream week. Too much risk of an 0-2 week to trust.

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