Pick and Avoid: Playoffs Round 1

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Important Playoff Updates:

  • Lineups lock this THURSDAY @ 1 PM PT
  • Teams in the upper bracket have the opportunity to play 2 series during this contest if they lose their first series. This is called the “Guardian Angel” Schedule (GA)
  • To account for the Best of 5 Series’, we take the 3 highest game scores for each player for their fantasy scores on the week

See Playoff Rules & Scoring for all changes: Click Here

The two most important questions when building your E1 Fantasy Lineup: Who do I pick? Who do I not pick? Well we heard you mumbling these questions to yourself and are giving you some help. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. We are giving you one player/team from each position to target and another one to run as far away from as you possibly can. Choose wisely!

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane


Solo – Flyquest $290,000 (vs EG & 100 if they lose)

Not usually do you get zero risk with high upside. Solo is now averaging 25.7 points/game over his last 6 games and gets to go against a struggling EG team that just gave up 38 points to Top in their previous game. The Guardian Angel schedule is nice, but FLY won’t even need to take advantage of it.


Huni Evil Geniuses

Huni – Evil Geniuses $230,000 (vs FLY & 100 if they lose)

Huni hasn’t been living up to his Top-carry rep this season. He only has 1 game with more than 3 Kills and has only topped 20 points in a game once. Don’t buy him just for the name value.

LoL Jungler Icon



Closer – Golden Guardians $280,000 (vs TSM & DIG if they lose)

I can’t think of a single rude thing to say about Closer. I’ve never met him, but I assume he is just a very nice guy. He is the heart and soul of GG; as they can only go as far as he takes them. Even if he can’t get them a series win, I can confidently say GG will find at least 3 wins this week once you factor in their DIG series they would play if they lose to TSM. Oh, and he is probably a great cook too.


svenskeren evil geniuses

Svenskeren – Evil Geniuses $220,000 (vs FLY & 100 if they lose)

Svenskeren has failed to score even 6 points in 3 of his last 5 matches. Not even the Guardian Angel schedule can save him. Nothing swole here.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane


bjergsen tsm

Bjergsen – Team SoloMid $320,000 (vs GG & DIG if they lose)

It is really hard to pass on Bjergsen when he is in true MVP Bjergsen form. Usually, Bjergsen’s greatness can’t be quantified by fantasy scoring, but he has been so good lately that he led TSM to the #3 seed and averaged 30.0 points/game in the last 4 wins while doing so. He is expensive, but it is only because he has a very good chance of leading the entire position in scoring.


Fenix – Dignitas $210,000 (vs TSM or GG)

I know it isn’t cool or edgy to avoid the cheapest option, but Fenix is the only Mid I cannot make any argument to choose.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane


wildturtle FlyQuest no background

WildTurtle – Flyquest $310,000 (vs EG & 100 if they lose)

The biggest knock on WildTurtle is that POE ends up with the lion’s share of Kills for FLY. That may hurt Turtle’s upside, but his owners haven’t complained as he has averaged 31.1 points/game over FLY’s 6-game win streak. Now just imagine if there is a game where he leads the team in Kills! Whoa.


cody sun 100 thieves

Cody Sun – 100 Thieves $260,000 (vs FLY or EG)

I like 100 Thieves’ situation this week, but if they pull it off it will not be by Cody Sun bullying Bang.

LoL Support Icon



Ignar Flyquest

Ignar – Flyquest $160,000 (vs EG & 100 if they lose)

Here is your weekly reminder of “If you can afford to put Ignar in your lineup, put Ignar in your lineup.” His 16.5 points/game average compares better with Top Laners than Supports. He even averages more points pr game than Huni! He is a cheat code at the Support position averaging 9.9 Assists/game and he is always worth the money in a winning set up.


Zeyzal Evil Geniuses

Zeyzal – Evil Geniuses $100,000 (vs FLY & 100 if they lose)

Across his last 10 games, Zeyzal has only scored more than 10 points in 2 games. And for that reason, I’m out.



Golden Guardians Logo

Golden Guardians $280,000 (vs TSM & DIG if they lose)

Even in a week where FLY is king, GG is my #1 Team pick. With the Guardian Angel schedule, they’re guaranteed to get their 3 wins to rack up their points. However, a GG win is worth more than the average Team win. GG leads the entire LCS in Dragons per game (3.28) and longest Game Duration (36:16) to open up even more opportunities for Team points. Love em.


evil geniuses

Evil Geniuses $230,000 (vs FLY & 100 if they lose)

I know everybody is drooling for these GA schedules, but they don’t help much when you are definitely going to get 3-0’d in your first series.

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