Pick and Avoid: Playoffs 3

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The Final Week of the Season is upon us!

It all comes down to this and you’ll need our LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Playoffs 3 Spring 2020… Money, E1 Glory, bragging right over your buddy from high school that you only speak to when the LCS is on. There are a lot of high stakes this week, so make sure you are ready! In order to help you get ready, were are telling one option to avoid at each position!

Also, be sure you know the rules! A few teams have the ability to play multiple series this week. The winners of the Semifinals get to get an extra series this week as they play in the Finals on the next day. This means the winner of FLY vs EG and G2 vs MAD can get two series’ to put up the best scores possible.

![E1 Fantasy pick and avoid cover art|863x662](upload://oIXWlwBm3FliudL6qDkfiDeOczB.png)


Pick: Wunder

Team: G2 Esports

Cost: $310,000

Opponents: MAD (& FNC if they win)

Reasoning: This is a tough week for the Top lane… It seems like you have to choose between cheap players with heavy risk of completely flopping, or expensive players that have been underperforming. All that points to you taking the straight up best Top laner on the slate, Wunder. He may be pricey, but he will be worth it.

Avoid: Licorice

Team: Cloud9

Cost: $280,000

Opponent: Winner of EG/FLY

Reasoning: It seems like it is a bad idea to bet against C9, and it seems that way because that is true. However, Licorice is not the fantasy all-star that his reputation may lead you to believe. He just doesn’t carry like he needs to do to find fantasy stardom. C9 has had two clean series wins this playoffs, and neither of those ended with Licorice in top 3 of scoring at the position.


Pick: Shadow

Team: MAD Lions

Cost: $220,000

Opponents: G2 (& FNC if they win)

Reasoning: Remember what happened 2 weeks ago? I am sure G2 remembers. The key with picking a major upset to happen is that you need to make sure you are picking the players who will benefit from the upset the most. When MAD beat G2, Shadow was a monster. Not only did he outscore any other jungler that week by 40 points, he was the second highest scorer of any position. If you hit on this ticket, you are in great shape.

Avoid: Svenskeren

Team: Evil Geniuses

Cost: $220,000

Opponents: FLY (& C9 if they win)

Reasoning: By this time the shine from his MVP season has completely faded. However, EG is shining right now as a team and seems to be a popular pick to get to the finals. Even if Svenskeren can help make that happen, it won’t result in fantasy production. Even when EG beat FLY in Playoffs 1, Svenskeren still was outside the top 7 at the position in the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Playoffs 3 Spring 2020.


Pick: Nisqy

Team: Cloud9

Cost: $320,000

Opponent: Winner of FLY/EG

Reasoning: You think teams would start banning Zoe against Nisqy! Well Nisqy isn’t going to tell them to stop. Nisqy is one of only 3 Mid laners to score 100+ points in each of the two playoff weeks and he seems like a guaranteed bet to do it again. You can argue that Perkz has more upside at the position, but Nisqy is clearly the safest bet.

Avoid: Jiizuke

Team: Evil Geniuses

Cost: $260,000

Opponents: FLY (& C9 if they win)

Reasoning: I would not want to match up against PowerOfEvil in lane right now… Even if EG is expected to win this rematch, Jiizuke has his work cut out for him. POE was able to keep Jiizuke under control in Playoffs Round 1 as Jiizuke finished outside the top 6 at the position, and now comes in hotter than ever. I like EG to win, but don’t think they will do it through the mid lane.


Pick: Carzzy

Team: MAD Lions

Cost: $220,000

Opponents: G2 (& FNC if they win)

Reasoning: Remember how I said that Shadow benefited immensely from the upset over G2 as it propelled him to second highest scorer on the slate? Yeah, well guess who was #1… Carzzy and Shadow carried MAD and you can get your tomatoes that they are going to try to do the exact same thing this week. I don’t think it will work as I expect G2 to win handily, but you need to take risks if you want to get that money!

Avoid: WildTurtle

Team: Flyquest

Cost: $230,000

Opponents: EG (& C9 if they win)

Reasoning: Even though FLY has gotten a series win each of the last two weeks, WildTurtle’s fantasy production does not reflect it at all… He just doesn’t carry like his position should, instead POE has been doing the heavy lifting. You don’t want the player in your highest scoring position to be the 4th option on his own team.


Pick: Vulcan

Team: Cloud9

Cost: $200,000

Opponents: Winner of FLY/EG

Reasoning: There is nothing safer in fantasy LoL right now than Vulcan in the bot lane. He is on a quest to win his first split title and nothing is going to break his focus. He may not be top scorer this week, but he has absolutely zero risk attached to him. You can cement his name as a top 5 scorer at the position and another feature in our LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Playoffs 3 Spring 2020.

Avoid: Kaiser

Team: MAD Lions

Cost: $130,000

Opponents: G2 (& FNC if they win)

Reasoning: Surprisingly enough, Kaiser didn’t benefit from the G2 upset as much as his teammates, Shadow and Carzzy. The main reason why is that in these games that feature a lot of kills, do you know who is usually the first to die? Yep, the Support. More specifically, the Support going against G2. You don’t have to stretch your budget much to upgrade from Kaiser so I’d recommend doing so.


Pick: Cloud9

Cost: $320,000

Opponents: Winner of FLY/EG

Reasoning: Similar to Vulcan, Cloud9 as a team is about the safest points you can find. If you ask around, they are the only team in which people have no doubt in their mind that they will win a series this week. The real question is whether or not they will even lose a single game.

Avoid: Fnatic

Cost: $290,000

Opponents: Winner of G2/MAD

Reasoning: Look at the top 4 most expensive teams on the slate. Oddly enough, I think Fnatic has the lowest chance of winning a series out of any of the four teams. They may be the hottest team in the LEC, but they didn’t have to play their archrival G2 in order to make the finals. Until they beat G2, I still can’t pick them as the best team in the LEC.

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Playoffs 3 Spring 2020!

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