Pick and Avoid: Play-Ins

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This is the World Championship! This is big time! So, of course, you need to be able to answer the most important question there is: Who do I pick? And of course; Who do I NOT pick? Well, you hold the final choice, but I stuck my head deep in spreadsheets and refused to emerge until I had some educated suggestions to help you win your own World Championship! Choose wisely!

Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock at the start of the first Play-In Game; 1am PT on 9/25
  • Play-Ins Contest include ALL Play-in games from Sept 25-30
  • Players scores are comprised of their Top 3 highest scoring Games (including Captain bonuses)
  • The next Contest will open 2 hours after the last Play-In game ends, so be ready!
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane


Orome Mad Lions

Orome – MAD Lions $290,000 (vs Group A)

My knock on Orome has always been how poorly he performs in Losses. Although still true, let’s not let that overshadow the other side of that point; he is DOMINANT in Wins. Want proof? Well of all Top Laners in Play-Ins, he ranks 1st in Fantasy Points in Wins (23.8). With MAD being the odds on favorite to win Group A, that is the only Average that matters.


Langx LGD

LangX – LGD Gaming $280,000 (vs Group B)

As an NA fan, it has always been a dream to get LPL Players in my lineup instead. LGD should be absolutely dominant this week, but don’t expect it to come through Top. Of all Top Laners in Play-Ins, Langx has the 3rd lowest Points/Game and is one of three Tops to average more Deaths than Assists. Get your LGD fix elsewhere.

LoL Jungler Icon



Bugi V3

Bugi – V3 Esports $270,000 (vs Group B)

I now know what love feels like. I am OBSESSED with the statistical god that Bugi presents. I don’t even want to try to be cute with making the stats flow well in sentences, I’m just going to tell you them straight up. Bugi is the only Jungler at Worlds that leads his team in Kills. One of only two players to average 5+ Kills (5.1). Not only that, Bugi leads ALL players in fantasy scoring (29.4 per game). You read that right, not just Junglers, ALL players. Sign me up!


broxah team liquid

Broxah – Team Liquid $290,000 (vs Group A)

Pretty much take the opposite of all the really cool stats I said about Bugi, and you have Broxah. Of all Junglers, Broxah is last in Kills/game and 2nd last in Points/game.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane


Nomanz Unicorns of Love

Nomanz – Unicorns of Love $330,000 (vs Group B)

Out of all players in Play-Ins, I am most excited to see this dude go to work. As the only Mid Laners to average over 5 Kills/game (only 1 of 3 people at Worlds to do so), Nomanz is an absolute baller in the Mid lane. He is flashy and has the ability to pop-off at any given second, but still is a team player as he leads all Play-In Mid Laners in Assists/game as well as Kills. Expect to see some fireworks when you are watching Nomanz.


Tally – Legacy Esports $290,000 (vs Group A)

Initially I was encouraged with Tally’s stats as I saw he averages 20+ Points in Losses. But then I realized that he only averages 1.1 points more than that in Wins. You can call him safe, but I need some upside in Mid.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane


tactical team liquid

Tactical – Team Liquid $320,000 (vs Group A)

Had to put some NA pride in here! I don’t love the pace that I expect TL to play at, but I do love their ability to find at least 4 wins this weekend, giving them lots of chances to put up high scoring games. If you watched Tactical at all in playoffs, you know he makes the most of those opportunities. Even if TL doesn’t find a ton of Kills, the fact that Tactical is the safest bet to find the majority of those makes him a solid play.


Carzzy Mad Lions

Carzzy – MAD Lions $330,000 (vs Group A)

I want to have nothing but excitement for MAD, but the realist in me is preventing me from doing so… That and the fact that Carzzy is 2nd last in Kills/game and the position and has the 3rd lowest KP. Shadow is the new carry of the game.

LoL Support Icon



kaiser mad lions

Kaiser – MAD Lions $180,000 (vs Group A)

After taking the LEC by storm, Kaiser now gets his chance to prove himself as a world class Support on the Worlds stage. Some stud players’ success doesn’t always translate to Fantasy, but Kaiser’s does in a major way. Honestly, it is more fair to compare his fantasy stats to Top Laners that it is Support. His 21.4 Points in Wins average easily leads all Supports, and puts him right in the middle of Top Laners in Play-Ins. Kaiser is a cheat code.


CoreJJ Team Liquid no background

CoreJJ – Team Liquid $140,000 (vs Group A)

Like I said, some players’ dominance translates directly to Fantasy production; others do not. You can make an easy case for CoreJJ as one of the three best Supports of all of Worlds. Unfortunately, the fantasy stats don’t show the same as he is outside the top 6 in Points/game.



Unicorns of Love $290,000 (vs Group B)

Across the entire Summer, UOL only lost 1 game and only lost 1 Baron! 1 Game! 1 freakin Baron!! Straight dominance. Even if they don’t win their group, they will get 3 somehow and their objective control (1st in Dragon Control %) will make sure those are juicy wins for points.


LGD Gaming $310,000 (vs Group B)

Please do not think that I dislike LGD. I love them and am terrified of them. BUT, from a Team standpoint, they do not perform well in fantasy at all. I fully expect them to win pretty much every game, but they rank bottom 2 of all Play-In teams in pretty much every major stat: Points/g, Dragons/game, Barons/g and First Blood & Tower.

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