Pick and Avoid: Group Stage NLC '20

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The two most important questions when building your E1 Fantasy Lineup: Who do I pick? Who do I not pick? Well we heard you mumbling these questions to yourself and are giving you some help. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. We are giving you one player/team from each position to target and another one to run as far away from as you possibly can. Choose wisely!

Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock at the start of the first Game; 10am PT on 11/5

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane


Dusty Player

Stenbosse – Dusty $280,000 (Group D)

Strictly from a fantasy perspective, Stebosse’s profile is the best of any Top Laner in the NLC. If his team were more of a favorite, he would be the most expensive Top on the slate. He is the only Top to average 4+ Kills and 6+ Assists per game, both while not even dying 3 times a game. No wonder he leads the position in Fantasy Points per Game. Dream Top Laner right here.


Tricked Player

WeiZoR – Tricked $260,000 (Group D)

Tricked may be expected to perform well, but their success won’t be coming from the Top Laner. WeiZoR doesn’t even average 2 Kills/game, which looks even worse when your Deaths/game number (3.5) is almost double that…

LoL Jungler Icon



Viking Player

Sharp – Viking Esports $330,000 (Group B)

Sharp is the most expensive Jungler on the slate for a very good reason, well actually, lots of good reasons. He leads the entire position in Assists/game (8.8), Deaths/game (2.0), and Average Points per Win (39.5). He is just all around the best Jungler here and on one of the best teams.


Tricked Player

Sof – Tricked $260,000 (Group D)

Paired with WeiZoR, I don’t expect Tricked to win through the top half of their map. Sof averages just as many Kills as he does Deaths with a middle of the pack Assists figure. Add a ‘M’ as the end of his name and it would be a different story though.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane


Dusty Player

Poulsen – Dusty $320,000 (Group D)

Just perfectly balanced across the board. No matter the stat you look at, Poulsen is among the top 5 at the position. Kills, Deaths, Assists, KP; everything. All top 5. You don’t always need to spend up for the crazy, crooked stats. There is something to be said about picking the balanced players who don’t risk bottoming out.


Nordavind White Player

Lukezy – Nordavind White $270,000 (Group D)

Lukezy’s fantasy success comes from Assists, not Kills, limiting his upside. He does a solid job of that as he leads all Mids in Assists/game (7.6), but it drastically limits his upside. He averages more Deaths (3.2) than Kills (3.1) and fails to reach 60% KP.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane


Viking Player

Lil Ambivert – Viking Esports $340,000 (Group B)

Nothing lil about this guy! As the only Bot Laner to average 6+ Kills and 7+ Assists per game, Lil Ambivert is poised to have a BIG performance in Groups. He will be favored to win every matchup and will even be fed Kills with incredibly fast-paced teams like PK in their group.


Riddle Player

Jackspektra – Riddle $300,000 (Group A)

This is a case of the team’s expected win total propping up a player’s value. Riddle should do extremely well, but Jackspektra doesn’t have the upside you should be chasing. Shockingly, he is 2nd last at the position in average Fantasy Points in Wins (27.5), which makes sense as he is also 2nd last in Kills/game.

LoL Support Icon



Ence Player

Seffe – ENCE $150,000 (Group A)

Seffe’s starts are not quite as sexy as Baloo’s, but so much of the value of a Support comes from playing in a favorable script. Winning means a lot to Supports since they can’t manufacture points for themselves with Kills. So slightly downgrade Baloo’s stats, but get the boost of higher chances at wins, and you get Seffe.


Barrage Player

Wendelbo – Barrage $130,000 (Group A)

Since Support scoring is already so volatile with them not being able to get Kills, you want to be careful not to find a Support that can sink your lineup. So you want somebody that doesn’t keep dying and is involved in fights. Well, Wendelbo leads all Supports in Deaths/game (4.1) and is 4th last in KP (61.8%).



Kova Esports Logo

KOVA Esports $260,000 (Group B)

This is a sneaky play. Win % and Turret numbers would scream to run away, however, look deeper. KOVA actually leads all Teams here in average Fantasy Points in Wins (27.5). They clearly have a strong early game as they rank 1st in First Blood % (80%) and rank among the top 3 in Dragons/game and Dragon %. Sneaky good play here. Also, in their group are 2 teams making their debut. Wins over either of those (or both), and you got yourself some nice points.


Team Singularity $270,000 (Group C)

People may be overlooking this, but Singularity is coming in with the worst Win % of any team here… After going 8-12 in qualifiers, they aren’t exactly coming in hot. Wins are everything for Teams, and it is tough to predict that they will start appearing out of nowhere.

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