Pick and Avoid: Group Stage 2

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Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock 1am PT on 10/8
  • Groups #2 Contest includes the final 4 days of the Group Stage, including any tiebreaker matches (Oct 8-11)
  • Salaries will be the same for Players and Teams in both Groups Contests! If you do not edit your lineup when lineups are open, your lineup from the previous contest will automatically be submitted
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!

This is the World Championship! This is big time! So, of course, you need to be able to answer the most important question there is: Who do I pick? And of course; Who do I NOT pick? Well, you hold the final choice, but I stuck my head deep in spreadsheets and refused to emerge until I had some educated suggestions to help you win your own World Championship! Choose wisely!

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane


Nuguri Damwon Gaming headshot

Nuguri – DAMWON Gaming $310,000 (vs Group B)

Nuguri is the best Top laner at Worlds available in Fantasy, and it isn’t even close. Yes, he may have gotten outscored by 369, but Nuguri trolled… he played Lulu! Lulu! Finished that game with a 1/0/5 KDA and only 15.3 Fantasy points. If he would’ve played a normal damage dealing champ, we would have scored over 90 points in the round easily. So if you have budget options you like at Mid/Bot, pick Nuguri and hope he doesn’t play Lulu again.


Doran DRX worlds 2020

Doran – DRX $260,000 (Group D)

While most other DRX members were able to thrive in their 2 wins, Doran didn’t get any benefit. He just played a tank and sat up top the whole time, failing to reach even 22 points in any of his games.

LoL Jungler Icon



Sofm Sunning Headshot

SofM – Suning $290,000 (Group A)

Believe it or not, this 66.49 points round was about as bad as it could have gotten for SofM. Why? Because in Suning’s 2 wins, he failed to score even 16 points in either game because his KP was 41.7% and 28.6% in each game. I’m not going to page through all of his match histories, but those could be his 2 lowest totals on the entire year as he was at 70% all Summer. His KP will skyrocket up, and the fantasy points will too.


broxah team liquid

Broxah – Team Liquid $250,000 (Group A)

Ew. I do think that TL has a chance to turn their fortunes around; however, I don’t think they can do it through fighting. If you add up their Total Kills from their Suning and Machi losses, you get 6… 6… TOTAL. No fantasy points to be had here.

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Mid Lane


caps g2 esports

Caps – G2 Esports $330,000 (Group A)

Caps is Claps again! In both of their wins, Caps has at 6+ Kills and 10+ Assists. He is an animal! He was well on his way to being the highest scoring player on the slate at 100+, but G2 had to go ‘G2’ and throw a game against a worst opponent. Now that the group’s #1 seed is clearly on the line, I expect G2 to go 3-0 and Caps to get back to his 100+ point pace.


Chovy DragonX Headshot

Chovy – DRX $330,000 (Group D)

How dare somebody say something negative about Chovy?!? Don’t get me wrong, he is exceptionally talented, but that doesn’t always translate to Fantasy production. Chovy failed to record 20 points in any of his 3 games, 2 of which were wins… Spend your money elsewhere.

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Bot Lane


JackeyLove Top Esports Headshot

JackeyLove – Top Esports $340,000 (Group D)

I don’t need to say anything here… but it is my job to do so, and I have a dog to provide for so I’ll avoid getting fired and write something. JackeyLove is very very good at League of Legends. There? But seriously, he led all scorers last round (109.80) and he did it while playing all 3 games on Senna. Pick JackeyLove and make him your Captain.


Rekkles Fnatic

Rekkles – Fnatic $300,000 (Group C)

Like I know Selfmade is the carry now, but you would think Rekkles would still find more than 5 Kills in a 3 game span… Waiting for that ‘Worlds Buff’ to hit, but I won’t be paying for him until it does.

LoL Support Icon



mikyx g2 esports

Mikyx – G2 Esports $140,000 (Group A)

If you didn’t watch Mikyx play in the first round-robin, then you are probably a normal person that got a normal amount of sleep. For those other people that like to punish themselves like me, you got to see vintage Mikyx come back! He played amazing in all 3 of their matches, racking up 33 Assists across the 3 games. Even with one of the games being a loss, Mikyx led the entire position in scoring and is primed to do it again this round.


Life Gen.G Headshot

Life – Gen.G (Group C) $160,000

Sometimes, Life sucks. Sometimes you pay a lot of money for Life even when you know he is expensive, and then are very disappointed in Life, instantly regretting your decision. Sorry, what were we talking about?



Damwon Gaming Logo

DAMWON Gaming $300,000 (Group B)

From a Fantasy perspective, no Team dominated the first round-robin quite like DMW. All of their games were wins, and all of them were 30+ point totals. They even outscored the only other 3-0 team (Top Esports) by 15 points, despite costing $30k less. DMW was absolutely dominant, and none of it was a fluke.


Gen.G Logo

Gen.G $320,000 (Group C)

I still think Gen.G is the best team in this group and that they should win every game, but there is just way too much risk for me to pick this team when G2 and DMG are both cheaper. Girl, bye.

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