Official LEC Rosters 2021

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The 2021 offseason left little to the imagination with major changes to every team, except Vitality. New faces will debut, while we adjust to the old faces who have retired, gone abroad, or didn’t find themselves with an organization for spring. We have all ten of the LEC rosters for 2021 listed below. Find out if your team won or lost the offseason!

Update: All of the LEC Rosters for 2021 are official now! Misfits have signed substitutes, so they have been listed as well, since nobody knows who will be the official starter by the end of the split. This page will be updated prior to the Summer Split of 2021 as well.

Last updated on Dec. 21, 2020.

* Indicates Import slot.

⊗ Indicates player has not been confirmed


Astralis logo

Top – WhiteKnight

Jungle – Zanzarah*

Mid – Nukeduck

ADC – Jeskla

Support – promisq

Head Coach – AoD

Excel Esports

Top – Kryze

Jungle – Dan

Mid – Czekolad

ADC – Patrik

Support – Tore

Head Coach – YoungBuck

FC Schalke 04

Schalke 04 Logo

Top – Broken Blade

Jungle – Gilius

Mid – Abbedagge

ADC – Neon

Support – LIMIT

Head Coach – Dylan Falco


New Fnatic Logo no background

Top – Bwipo

Jungle – Selfmade

Mid – Nisqy

ADC – Upset

Support – Hylissang

Head Coach – YamatoCannon

G2 Esports

Top – Wunder

Jungle – Jankos

Mid – Caps

ADC – Rekkles

Support – Mikyx

Head Coach – Grabbz

MAD Lions

mad lions logo

Top – Armut*

Jungle – Elyoya

Mid – Humanoid

ADC – Carzzy

Support – Kaiser

Head Coach – Mac

Misfits Gaming

Top – Agresivoo & HiRit

Jungle – Razork

Mid – Vetheo

ADC – Kobbe

Support – Vander & denyk

Head Coach – Enatron


rogue logo

Top – Odoamne

Jungle – Inspired

Mid – Larssen

ADC – Hans sama

Support – Trymbi

Head Coach – fredy122

SK Gaming

Sk Gaming Logo

Top – Jenax

Jungle – TynX

Mid – Blue*

ADC – Jezu

Support – Treatz

Head Coach – Jesiz

Team Vitality

Team Vitality Logo

Top – Syzgenda

Jungle – Skeanz

Mid – Milica

ADC – Comp

Support – Labrov

Head Coach – Duke

Want to track every roster move of the offseason? Check out our article on every confirmed LEC off-season roster change here.

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