Official Esports One Fantasy Rules and Scoring

Originally published at: Official Fantasy Rules and Scoring | Esports One


All participants will complete a lineup using Players and Teams from the available player pool, which consists of LCS and LEC organizations. In order to complete the lineup, a participant fills every available slot while staying under the Salary Cap of $1.5 million.

Each Player/Team has an assigned Salary cost that counts towards the Salary Cap, and a completed lineup cannot be submitted if the total cost exceeds the Salary Cap.

A Completed Lineup requires:

  • Any number up to (6) lineup slots filled (Top, Jungler, Mid, ADC, Support, Team)
  • Total price does NOT exceed the Salary Cap (required)
  • One player is chosen as captain with Champions selected
  • Lineup is officially submitted by clicking the button below the lineup (required)

For your Captain, you select (2) unique Champions. If your Captain plays either of those (2) Champions in a game, you get a 50% bonus on the points received for that game.

All completed lineups must be submitted prior to the first game of the weekend (first Friday LEC game). Partial lineups will still receive points for the lineup slots that are filled prior to the lineups locking. Lineups lock at the start of the first match and are unable to be edited once locked.

Fantasy Points are totaled and updated after the completion of each game, giving participants the ability to track their points on a game by game basis. Once the final game of the week has completed (LCS on Sunday night), total points for all lineups are rewarded, crowning the weekly winners.



Kills +3 Points
Deaths -1 Point
Assist +1.5 Points
Creep Score +0.02 Points
Captain Bonus If you correctly select the Champion that your Captain plays for a game, you get 50% bonus points to the total Fantasy Points he scores in that game (actual score x 1.5). If the Captain earns a negative score, the negative score is cut in half (actual score x 0.5).


Win +2 Points + BONUS BONUS
Win <20min = +5 Points
Win 20-30min = +2 Points
Turret Destroyed +1 Point + BONUS BONUS
First Turret Destroyed = +1 Point
Dragon Killed +2 Points N/A
Baron Killed +3 Points N/A
Rift Herald Killed +2 Points N/A
First Blood +2 Points N/A


The Rules Are Slightly Different During Playoffs:

  • Since matches are best-of-5, players will be playing in a LOT more games throughout the weekend. Therefore, we will only take the TOP 3 scores per player/team, per weekend.
  • Champion picks for Captains are the same as the Regular Season, where you select (2) Champions and get the Captain bonus for any games played on either of those (2) Champions


Player Pool reflects rosters that are made public by each organization. If a player that is not in our player base joins a team or makes an appearance in a game, that player will be added for the next week of games. All players are listed by their primary position, which can be changed by an organization.

Player Pools and Salaries do not change at all leading up to a weekend of games. However, they will change on a weekly basis, accounting for performance and opponents.

Starter Insurance: If a player that we displayed as a starter when lineups lock (more info below) does not play at all over a weekend, he will be given 75% of the points scored by the substitute(s) that plays in his place.

For weeks in which LEC teams play 3 games (known as Superweeks), their 3rd game of the week (Sunday) will NOT count for scoring. We will only use the results of their Friday and Saturday games for scoring.

All prize money winnings are paid through Paypal. Winner must pay Paypal fees. Must be 18 years or older to be eligible for prizes. Weekly prizes will be rewarded after the conclusion of the season, prior to the next season. In the event of a tie, the weekly prize will be awarded to the player that set the winning lineup first.

Only completed games will count for Fantasy Points. If a game is stopped and remade by Riot, the statistics of the partial game will be not be counted.