New Features: July 2020

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Week 6 is here woot! We are super excited as we have a new that is being rolled out! In addition, we have a rule change that will improve the integrity of the platform format!

New Feature: Score Cards

Everyone loves seeing their scores after the weekends matches, that’s a no-brainer! This is why we have been thinking of ways to help users not only celebrate, but also dive deeper into scores each week. The Score Cards are the answer – you will be able to see how much you spent on each role, what score each role obtained and then track your week on week progress!

You can access score cards by clicking the ‘Your Weekly Results’, located under your lineup, after the week’s matches are concluded.

Rule Change: Anti-Stacking Rule

Esports One has been working hard to make sure that setting a lineup encourages strategy and creativity. However, the trend of ‘Lineup Stacking’ (where you try to fill out your entire lineup with a single org) has grown and grown in popularity on our platform, and we feel it runs counterintuitive to our goal. We refined our salary system to prevent users from stacking teams that were favored to win, however, we saw a continuation of the trend lower on leaderboards; stacking losing teams or based on fandom. Therefore, we have decided (with feedback from the community) to cap the number of lineup slots (players/team) you can fill with a single org at 3. This rule comes into effect from today (7/13/2020).

The product will now notify you if there are too many players from the same team (see image below)

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