New Feature: View Lineups & Compare Scores

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In our opinion, the most important part of building an awesome platform is listening to what the community wants! That’s why we provide a public available Roadmap so that YOU can view, request and vote on features.

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This week we are thrilled to announce the release of our LoL Fantasy View Lineups and Score Comparison Feature!

![|985x595](upload://jSiwRoPL3QPUbCRAdFtrS5OmF1q.png)Screenshot of the E1 Fantasy Roadmap

View Lineups and Compare Scores

Feature Walk-Through

Step 1: Selecting the Person

To view other peoples lineups and to compare your week-by-week scores you start by clicking the ‘Leaderboard’ button on the Desktop Site (top right) . You can then select anyone from any of the public or your private Leaderboards.

If you are new to how scoring works in E1 Fantasy, read this.


Step 2: Viewing Other Peoples Lineups

Once you have selected a person, their most recent lineup will appear. You will see their complete lineup with scores and Captain picks. We have also included their total points and overall rank in the E1 Founders League.

You can change the week displayed by clicking on the drop down menu above the persons lineups. This comes in handy after we show you step 3.

Notes: The current weeks lineup wont appear until after the 8:00am PST Roster Lock each Friday, this prevents people copying lineups. 


Step 3: Compare Results

Clicking the ‘Results‘ tab next to the ‘Lineups‘ tab let’s you see another players week-by-week results. The best part is you can see your results side by side. 

This is a great tool for discovering when a player beat you – with that information you can then go back to the ‘Lineups’ tab to see their exact lineup for that week.

You will also see a players Social Media links, please don’t go and flame people with this information. 


Thank You E1 Fantasy Community!

We couldn’t do this without you, remember to add and vote for new features on our Roadmap. This is how the LoL Fantasy view lineups and compare scores were chosen!

If you have any questions join our Discord, check out our FAQ or message us through the platform!