New Feature: Prize Store

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We are super excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of the E1 Fantasy Prize Store!!!

What is the Prize Store?

The Prize Store is where you can spend all your hard-earned Bytes on exciting things like Customizations, Experiences, and soon…….Cash Contests! 

Learn more about Bytes.

You can earn additional Bytes by completing missions, scoring big points with your lineups, and making Predictions.

How do I find the Prize Store

The button for the Prize store is located on the left-hand navigational panel on the desktop site (see image). On mobile, it’s an option in the drop-down menu.

Once you are in the Store, you can click between the prize categories you want or view them all on the same page!

Prize Categories


Essentially Customizations are E1 Fantasy site cosmetics; they are used to spice up your fantasy profile. There are currently two types of Customizations you can spend your bits on; Badges and Avatar Frames. Both of these are visible on the Global Leaderboard, so when you are coming first, you will look poggers!


These are Customizations that are displayed on all leaderboards and flex something cool about you! You can represent your favorite team, favorite region, the LoL role you play, or you might want to tell people you are a fantasy smurf.

badge_LEC badge_shield_FNC summer_badge_bot badge_shield_TSM badge_shield_G2



These are Customizations that surround your profile picture and are displayed everywhere your profile is shown (leaderboards, lineups page, score comparisons, etc.)

frame_playfull frame_EOneRing frame_inven frame_sun frame_UGG frame_vector_bars



Need help setting a lineup? Want your lineup critiqued by an expert? Well, look no further than the Experience Prizes. Each week there will be unique experiences with anything from lineup advice to getting a shoutout on our social media!

Group Stage Experiences:

  • Receive an email from one of our experts with a breakdown of their lineup and unique advice.
  • Build your lineup on a one-on-one call with an E1 Fantasy Analysts!
  • Submit a meme, and we will post it on our social media channels with an @ mention.

Cash Contests – coming Quarterfinals

We are excited to announce Cash Contests will be coming to the Store in Quarterfinals, with real money prizes! You’ll be able to enter your lineup into any or all of our available contests each week. Entering a contest can be done anytime lineups are open. Only your final saved lineup when the round locks will officially be entered – This means you can change your roster as many times as you want while lineups are open.

The Bytes Cup

You can spend your Bytes to enter the Bytes Cup – this is a contest that awards a set Cash Prize for finishing in the top 3! You can enter the Bytes Cup anytime lineups are open.

The Bytes Cup will be available in Quarterfinals!

Cash Contests

A cash contest works like a winner takes all crowdfunded prize pool. You pay a set amount to enter, and the more people that buy-in, the higher the prize. We will have three paid contest cups available next week:

  • Adventurers Cup
  • Dragon Cup
  • Legendary Cup (featured image)