New Feature: Mobile Experience

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Have Your Say! (Like a Mobile Experience)

We built the Mobile Experience based on your requests! We are a community focused Fantasy Esports platform, therefore we are here to work with you to make E1 Fantasy the best experience possible.

This is why we share our Roadmap with everyone for complete transparency. You not only can see our recent updates – you can request and vote on features you’d like us to build!

Mobile Experience

Today we are pleased to announce the Mobile Experience is live! This means you can:

  • View Your Leagues & Track Performance
  • Set Your Lineup
  • View Your Leaderboards
  • Check Out The News/Content
  • Access Platform Support

This means you don’t have to do everything on the desktop! We suggest doing a deep dive on the computer then any changes along the week can be done on the Mobile!


Home Page

There are a few cool things featured on the home page of the Mobile Experience. 

  • Show which leagues you have joined
  • See your week-on-week performance
  • Status on whether lineups are open/locked

This will keep improving based on your requests so if you would like to see something added, just let us know!
![E1 Fantasy Mobile Experience Home|414x737](upload://uWKvrWy2oPxumY6kdqEHmEPCLXe.png)


Here you can set your lineups and pick your Captains, we know you change your Captain 15 times a week…. it’s because we do it too!

When you click and empty slot or remove a selected player you will see a list of available players with stats info!

Don’t forget to SAVE your lineup!

![Mobile Experience Lineup for E1 Fantasy|413x733](upload://vOOLg5DG8ibBQpO2eLLjHDw4ipe.png)

Leaderboards on Mobile Experience

This is the best feature for those winning haha! Now you can see all your Leaderboards on the Mobile Experience!

Scroll between Leaderboards and switch between weeks to see how you were ranked at different stages of the season.

You can also click on the names of people to see their scores and compare them to yourselves!



Our News/Content draw is constantly full with the latest lineup advice, LoL analysis and product updates.

This is a great section for those wanting to get an edge over their friends.

We are constantly adjusting the formula and producing more and more content, so keep checking back to get the news on the Mobile Experience!


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