New Feature: Live Scoring

Originally published at: LoL Fantasy live scoring is now here!| Esports One

LoL Fantasy live scoring

We are thrilled to announce that LoL Fantasy live scoring is available. This means you will see your player and team’s points increase in real-time!

This was a popular feature that was requested in our E1 Fantasy Roadmap.

The LoL Fantasy live updates in real-time including the captain score. For those unfamiliar with Captains, basically you assign one player in your lineup to be your ‘Captain’. This player will earn 1.5x the points if they play the assigned Champion in the designated game. During Playoffs it slightly differs by allowing the Champions picked to be scored if they are played at all throughout the matches.

For the live scoring you will see your Captain as a green color and will notice the score will tick up at a higher rate then the other players due to the bonus they score.

Best Way to Use the LoL Fantasy Live Scoring

The best part of live scoring is that you can pair it with our live streams on desktop. When a game is live you can click on the icon, it will bring up a window of the match stream that you can adjust to your ideal size. This way you can watch your score update in real-time which watch the matches live. Keep up to date with all the best ways to use the live scoring functionality here.

Thank You E1 Fantasy Community!

We couldn’t do this without you, remember to add and vote for new features on our Roadmap. This is how the LoL Fantasy view lineups and compare scores were chosen!

If you have any questions join our Discord, check out our FAQ or message us through the platform!