MSI Rumble Stage Lineup Guide

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MSI only comes once a year (except when it doesn’t) so let’s make the most of this tourney! Time to stack out lineups and win some Bytes! It is a tight deadline to get lineups set for each round, so instead of poking through the entire player pool, we are bringing you a favorite player of ours at each position.

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Top Lane

Dk Khan 2021 Split 1

Khan – DWG KIA $270,000

Never thought I would say this… but people are sleeping on the World Champions! DWG Kia is getting nothing but disrespect after everybody watched them lose to C9 and almost lose to DFM. Honestly, it would be better if they struggled some in the Rumble to help build more close, bloody games. Even amid the much, Khan had 3 games with 5+ Kills, identical to MAD Armut that people are praising.

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Rng Wei 2021 Split 1

Wei – Royal Never Give Up $310,000

Obviously stats look good when you don’t lose a game, but Wei showed major upside amid the blowout wins as well. Across the 8 wins, Wei had 6+ Kills in 5 of those games, dying a total of 2 times within those matches. Yeah, that is a 34:2 Kill:Death ratio… Wow.

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Mid Lane

perkz g2 esports

Perkz – Cloud9 $300,000

I don’t even need to recommend Perkz as I know both EU and NA fan boys want to pick him anyways. However, I will still hype him because he has exactly what I am looking for this week… UPSIDE! In a setting where we only count the 3 highest scores for a player, you aren’t worrying about safety. Perkz is 1 of only 2 players to average 38+ Points per Win as he has yet to get less than 5 Kills in a win. 

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Bot Lane

Carzzy Mad Lions

Carzzy – MAD Lions $320,000

Who is the other person that averages 38+ Points per Win? You guessed it, Carzzy! Of course it is another Western player. Carzzy has been the primary win condition for the scrappy MAD team and will continue to be going forward. He has 9+ Kills in 4 of the team’s 5 wins, only dying 6 times across those matches.

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Vulcan Cloud9 (C9) Headshot Spring Split 2020 Fantasy LCS

Vulcan – Cloud9 $90,000

When was the last time you saw Vulcan this cheap, ever? Yes, his value is slightly deflated after a rough start at MSI, but this is a strong value player and allows you to spend up for the moneymakers like GALA. C9 have new life after their upset over DK and should be able to beat at least 2 of the 5 teams.


PSG Talon $210,000

We want wins for our team. And those wins mean even more if you get them from a cheap source that other people don’t pick. PSG Talon is the sleeper team of the rumble and the biggest threat to keep C9 out of bracket stage. If they can even pull off 1 upset match in addition to wins over PGG, they will give amazing value.

Best Overall Captain: RNG GALA: Kaisa & Kalista

Gala Kaisa Kalista

There is no doubt that RNG is the strongest team coming into the Rumble Stage. And you may not realize it, but GALA is the highest scoring player of anybody at MSI yet. He has scored at least 27 points in every game, and 6 of those 8 matches have featured him on either Kaisa or Kalista. BIG MONEY.

Risky Captain: MAD Carzzy: Tristana & Kaisa

Carzzy Tristana Kaisa

Despite some shaky games from MAD, Carzzy was a monster last week and still has that potential for Rumble Stage. The ADC meta at MSI is still being figured out, but it is clear Carzzy wants to be on Kai’sa and Tristana when possible.  You can get wild with the 2nd pick of Carzzy, maybe a Jinx or Varus,  because at the end of the day, you only need 3 games correct.

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