MSI Bracket Stage Lineup Guide

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MSI only comes once a year (except when it doesn’t) so let’s make the most of this tourney! Time to stack out lineups and win some Bytes! It is a tight deadline to get lineups set for each round, so instead of poking through the entire player pool, we are bringing you a favorite player of ours at each position.

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LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Armut – MAD Lions $260,000 (vs DK)

The biggest boost to a Top Laner’s value: Intent. The intent to want to hyper carry from Top lane, wanting to pick Jayce and never play Sion. Armut wants to carry more than any remaining Top Laner, so use that you your advantage.

LoL Jungler Icon


Psg River 2021 Split 1

River – PSG Talon $260,000 (vs RNG)

Of all remaining Junglers, who scored the most points last week? It is the same person who leads the group in Points per Win. Damn right, it is River. Everybody wants to go gaga over RNG & DK Junglers, but River outscore them both by 30 last week. Show some respect.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Dk Showmaker 2021 Split 1

ShowMaker – DWG Kia $310,000 (vs MAD)

Speaking of respect… better show some for the most talented player remaining. The gap between ShowMaker and his in-lane opponent, Humanoid, is probably the biggest gap of any positional matchup this weekend. And what does ShowMaker do? He makes shows, and he has biggest stage of the year to do so.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Carzzy Mad Lions

Carzzy – MAD Lions $310,000 (vs DK)

Yes, DK is favored to beat MAD and rightfully so, but I will tell you one thing; it won’t be through the Bot Lane. Carzzy & Kaiser have been the best Bot Lane of MSI and will be leaned on heavily to exploit the weak spot of DK on the path to victory.

LoL Support Icon


Kaiwing PSG Talon

Kaiwing – PSG Talon $70,000 (vs RNG)

I don’t think people realize this… but Kaiwing outscored Khan, Canyon and Perkz last week. His KP is amazing and PSG’s scrappy tendency rewards it even more. In a week with so few options, you need to go budget somewhere, and everybody loves doing it at Support. However, you aren’t usually able to afford THIS much upside when doing so.


PSG Talon $220,000 (vs RNG)

There is a reason that DK insta-locked MAD as their opponent instead of PSG. This team is dangerous right now! They are playing extremely well and in a fashion that other team’s are still trying to figure out how to counter. Upset alert.

Best Overall Captain: DK Ghost: Kaisa & Senna

Ghost Kaisa Senna

Nothing sexy at all here… Honestly, this isn’t even much to do with Ghost, rather more about situation and his boring Champion pool. DK is the top-seed. Ghost is their Bot Laner. And Ghost has played 7 straight games as Kaisa. Boring, but bonus points are bonus points.

Risky Captain: MAD Carzzy: Tristana & Kaisa

Carzzy Tristana Kaisa 1

In much more exciting fashion, Carzzy has been lighting the world on fire while staying consistent with Champion picks. If you went Kaisa & Tristana with him last week, you got 3 bonus games, and I’d put money down that you get the same result this week.

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