March 1st, 2020: Fantasy Scoring

As some of you have noted, some of the matches have yet to be scored from this weekend’s games. First of all, I want to personally thank you all for your messages! Please keep them coming! I can’t stress this enough, but each of you play a major part in the future of Esports One & E1 Fantasy. Please let us know whenever you see any discrepancies, errors, or anything else that looks or feels out of the ‘norm’.

Regarding the scoring updates — Our data feeds from each match come via multiple sources. The first data source is the quickest and what we typically use when we score the matches. We then run quality checks against our other data feed aggregates to ensure all of the numbers are correct.

Since the first data source isn’t managed by Esports One directly, when it has issues, we transition to our second data source, which is then quality checked by the third data source, which requires a good bit of manual intervention. The obvious negative here is that it delays how quickly we can get the scores updated.

With that said, we should always have all of the scores finalized within 24 hours of the last match. For this week’s games, you should expect all of the matches to be scored by Monday evening (PST). We get just as frustrated when you guys have a poor experience due to something that isn’t under our control. Rest assured that we are working diligently on a new solution that better stabilizes our fantasy scoring systems, with the eventual goal of full autonomy.